Klout is the King Daddy of Social Media Influence

klout score 799x282 Klout is the King Daddy of Social Media Influence

@drandall Klout score

Folks still twist their faces up from hearing the word “KLOUT”. Whatever…those folks are tweeting mindless tweets, stat copyrighted images, purchasing fake followers to increase their followers numbers in Cybersphere and outdated quotes into cybersphere.

I like “KLOUT” and having KlOUT measure our Social media influence activity in cyber-sphere.

Klout has updated the scores today. Our scores are being measured in real time. My own Klout score jumped from 68 to 75 this week. I am impress with my own and others Klout score at first glance. Big things are happening at Klout headquarters. Get into it! Now to those folks that feel wayward about Klout. Oh well….trickery and bullshitting on the Internet just became transparent. Who doesn’t want to know if their being effective in Cybersphere is above my scope. Why not….brag about your Klout score. I am by writing this blog post. I went from being an Pundit to an Thought Leader. Hmmmm….makes me smile with glee. What about you? Who are you? Who are you really influencing in Social Media? Yeah yeah, may be just an game to some of you. May be just another platform but guess what. I am shouting from behind my computer screen. I am an influencer in Social Media with Klout! I am skipping around my garden today singing. I got Klout! Call me….

klout2 799x287 Klout is the King Daddy of Social Media Influence

@drandall Klout score

I know folks that are not willing to adapt to change are folks that are stuck in an rut. Step into the Social Media realm and become an real influencer. Allow yourself to be measure by Klout. Your ego will thank you for it. *Entertainment purposes..I guess? But who am I to say otherwise. Just another person connect to Klout. UMPH!

The three images are the latest pop up deet from Klout. Exciting huh?

Klout Perks are the certified truth!


Note to those folks that are cheerleaders and Social Media groupies.:

  • I don’t do anything special in Cybersphere except be my original self.
  • No sista gurl does not have time to tweet every second of the day.
  • I do not comment mindless stats all day.
  • I am not tweeting other folks copyright images all day.
  • Justsaying be mindful of that much…join Klout. It is free.
  • Companies are measuring your Klout.
  • Employers are paying attention to Klout.
  • Having an Klout score in the future will make an world of difference when your purchasing products and applying for your dream gig in the future.
  • Don’t believe what I am saying about Klout? The proof is in the score….baby I have Klout!
  • Note the day is coming when folks start asking you “What is your Klout score”? What comes to mind is credit card scores but that is stagnant right now to measure folks credibility.

I am not sure what this message means on my Klout board. If you’re remotely interested in being an part of the “IT” Klout crowd when folks really start taking Klout serious. Click this link to opt in through my page which basically allows me, Ms. Klouter to “Use my influence to help 9 more people join Klout for early access to the new website design and features before time runs out.” YUP! If your not on Klout…come on board and get in the know.





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