Kicked Out of Social Media Groups

I’ve been kicked out of social media groups n folks groups I thought was mi ace boo cue…groups that I thought were reputable n the real deal. Whatever….onto the next one. I feel a song coming up. Can I just say out loud. I don’t give a damn.

Like really….was it something I said? Are were you just lurking being a nosey follower? Whatever…do you boo.

Onto the next thing during mi life journey…YOU?

Let’s talk about this for a minute. We friends, family or this is business baby? Oh seriously.

I am getting bored w groups. I need to go back to blogging my bantering opinionated rants. Justsaying…. Quite frankly I’ve was never a cheerleader n when ish is to cheery….raise the eye brow n run for cover. Thank you all for kicking mi happy opinionated ass to da curve. I have to many things to focus in a 24 hour period besides someone taking what I say personally. Justsaying….the only reason why I notice is because of the people collectors n mi checking dem at the gate. HA! In the meantime…grow on sowers.

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