HTML5 Is Here

Hypertext mark-up language is the basic script language that allows the Internet to become what it is today. It was created in 1980 and it displays the website as simple text. The current version being used on the Internet is version 4.01 and was introduced in 1999. HTML5 is being introduced as a new standard, although it has not been ratified by the World Wide Consortium. It includes many new functions, such as built-in video playing, third party video players will not be required. It will allow for inline editing and moving of objects without requiring plugins. In conjunction with CSS3, it will make it really easy to use any font and add nice modern touches such as borders, round corners and shadow around text, photographs and boxes. Many websites have these features because designers and developers have conceived of alternative ways to creates these looks using hacks, JavaScript and Flash. HTML5 should obviate the need for these workarounds, making it simpler to create, faster and more consistent  in operation. Not all browsers can read the improved methods of writing the code. At this time Safari 4.0 and Firefox 3.5 are the most advanced browsers and they display most of the HTML5 tags. Internet Explorer is the worst at following standards. If you want to see how well HTML5 works download the newest version of Safari from This will give you a beta of a future version of Safari that will come out with Snow Leopard, the Mac OS.

Youtube is already experimenting with HTML5, when you move your mouse over small images on the right, a quick preview of the video is shown. New websites created with HTML5 can be seen on this website.


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