Hardware Drivers Update

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About a week ago I did some computer maintenance on my computers and learned that one must update their hardware drivers to keep things running smoothly. Some of us are running our computers with outdated hardware drivers and outdated software. In my search for the best hardware driver update software I learned that some providers want a fee of at least $30 bucks to download their software from their website. A complete waste of money because once you downloaded their software you will find that they don’t actually update your software with the lastest drivers. They simply tell you which drivers need to be updated. Thus far the best free driver software on the Internet is RadarSync which updates your drivers, software, browser and a whole slew of items all from your desktop with registration and payment. One of my computers was updated so well that some of the features in the newest version of Firefox no longer work. My favorite add on called Alexa Sparky is no longer functional in the current release of Mozilla. I also ran another hardware update product called ParetoLogic Driver Cure which was as equally impressive as RadarSync. Both products updated my hardware, browsers and software drivers with very little knowledge on my part. I did not have to write down the items and then search for them on the Internet. All updates were done from my browser. There is nothing worst than a slow running computer.

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