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I was downloading and installing a software program called VSO tonight. The website popped up a page called AVS4You and Software partners. There are all kinds of free software for download at these two websites. These are legal software downloads and they are not sponsored by torrent websites. I know some folks are not down with torrents websites. In today’s economy we all could use free software which may provide the necessary tools to forge ahead despite losing your job in this weak economy. Now is a good time to tap within yourself and pull out those talents that have been lying dormant. There is a phrase that rings in my head that Bishop T.D. Jakes has said in his sermons a long time ago and it stuck with me. He said that “your gifts will make room for you and bring you before great men”, (Prov 18:16). I take that as whatever your willing to do for free without being paid for is more than likely that is your road to prosperity. This software may help you with polishing a resume or starting a business venture. A lot of times all you need is a computer, phone, fax, space and an ideal to begin. I worked in Sales for many years and that was the typical setup per representative in most organizations. Basically my job was to increase revenue for the company. I am at a crossroad in my life where I need to generate revenue for myself. These are some of the tools that might just get you and me there.

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