FNP Watchdog Report Internet Crimes

According to the Frederick Post watchdog, Clifford G. Cumber, this is a summary of an article “Cn I Steal ur $$$ pls”? “Beep” goes the test message alert on your cell phone. It is not from your friends or family. It is a blurb from a company trying to get you call a number and surrender sensitive information so your identity can be stolen and your bank account ransacked. Darlene Balderson who runs Family Auto Repair on Md. 85, has been hit a couple of times by text messages, one on October 28 professing to be from Washington Postal and the other supposedly, Federal Choice Credit Union. Both had phone numbers to call and both are attempting to phish-identity theft scams that usually come through email. They asked for her credit card number, expiration date and PIN. Balderson called the Frederick Watchdog to alert them to one variation of “vishing,” where the intended victim is directed to a website or automated phone call and asked to divulge personal information. IC3, or the Internet Crime Complaint center has been warning individuals about vishing by text from January 2008. To avoid getting caught divulging your information. Don’t call the number! If you receive a query about your bank, call your bank directly using the number you have on your bank card, a bill or your statement. IC3 allows users to report and file a complaint. Frederick County sent out a warning about a home solicitation scam making its rounds around the county. A company called Home Service is asking city residents through the mail to purchase a policy that covers replacement of leaky water supply lines. This company is not affiliated with the City of Frederick and the City is not endorsing or promoting their services in any way sent out on Nov 9, 2009. To be clear all water service lines are serviced by the city and a plumber licensed in Maryland. Call Ken Sisson, assistent superintendent of the Water and Sewer Department at 301-600-3884, or Susan Springer, administrative assistant at 301-600-1681. A copy of the soliticitation can be viewed in the Department of Public Works Communication Department, 111 Airport Drive.

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