Fantasy Virtual Stock Market Game

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Every once in a while the “The Washington Post Magazine” which is inside of the Sunday Washington Post newspaper in between the coupons enclosed in the center features a newsworthy story that grabs my attention long enough for me to read the entire article. When I finally had a chance to read an old edition dated July 19, 2009 titled story “Market Driven” by T.M. Shine. I found myself getting excited at the thought of winning some of the cash prizes and goodies of the week if I picked and traded virtual stock. Here is my chance to go after the money without losing my shirt and the few coins that I have in my meager bank account. Every word had me thinking that in between Mafia Wars on Facebook while I waited for it to re-up my energy. I could be playing the stock market. The story will give you the 411 and perhaps will make you excited enough to play too!

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