Empire Avenue After XpendapaloozaIV Buying and Emeeting

stats 2 Empire Avenue After XpendapaloozaIV Buying and Emeeting
This is an update of my Empire Avenue account a couple of days after participating in an event hosted by a group on Empire Avenue http://bit.ly/XpendapaloozaIV

The purpose of XpendapaloozaIV was to participate within the schedule 24 hour game period, be bought and invest in others in regardless of their social media stats, prices and dividends.

I must admit it was pretty hardcore and very exhausting to keep up the pace. I enjoy the buying frenzy and (e)meeting new folks that I otherwise would not have notice on a typical game playing day. Empire Avenue After XpendapaloozaIV Buying and Emeeting Frenzy was exciting and a lot of fun. I (e)met a lot of cool folks hanging out in cyberspace.

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loius Empire Avenue After XpendapaloozaIV Buying and Emeeting

 (e)PHOTOG4YOU Stats update

  • PHOTOG4YOU stock is growing in value
  • Dividends fluctuate up and down
  • Shareholders increased over the last 5 weeks
  • The portfolio will fluctuate to weed out those that do not have any social media activity across their cyberspace online identities
  • Added to list has increased
  • Communities are consistent compared to when I first started the game
  • Net wealth and portfolio value has been steadily climbing
  • (e)PHOTOG4YOU index ranking is CFO on Empire Avenue
Empire Avenue Court Empire Avenue After XpendapaloozaIV Buying and Emeeting

What I have learned by playing Empire Avenue

  • I will not invest in everyone that invest in (e)PHOTOG4YOU stock. The reason for this is going to based on the stock performance, dividends, social media activity of the player and common shared interest. I see no purpose in buying dead stock that sits idled for too long. The stock should be moving steadily upward with a few periodical dips in share price and dividends. The activity would reflect real social media activity across social media platforms. By investing with folks with shared interest will cut down on the bantering noise from folks who do not share the same interest and to prevent spamming content in the update section.
  • Note that all participates on Empire Avenue play the game for different reasons. One thing is for certain across all boards social interaction is pertinent to grow on the Avenue.
  • Quality v. Quantity is the part of Empire Game I have yet to measure. This information I will review in one quarter.
  • Personal v. Business Relationships I have noticed that some folks are socially interactive with one another more than other players who simply lurk. Some shareholders on Empire Avenue are there to collect people for bragging rights. Those folks do not interact with anyone but a select few in their inner circle and their strategy I can not determine at this time. I would label those shareholders are operating their accounts like Twitter but I am not sure of the real value in doing so right now.
  • Only your top 5 network counts toward the ranking.
  • Google+ is no longer being updated in feeds. Google+ feed was removed until an alternative method has replace rss feed. Use Dapper To Create RSS Feeds From Any Page, Including Google Plus Posts this should be a fix for Google+ and Tumblr blogs setups, etc. I have yet to use the service.
smart goals 716x530 Empire Avenue After XpendapaloozaIV Buying and Emeeting
(e)PHOTOG4YOU Goals on Empire Avenue
  • MAXED all active shareholders held in (e)PHOTOG4YOU portfolio
  • Endorse all of active shareholders blogs
  • Like business Facebook pages and Friend Facebook active participates on Empire Avenue
  • Build Flickr contacts
  • Grow Google+ circles
  • Twitter adds are selective primarily on the content of each twiends blog
  • Build network of local photographers, techie, geeks, social media superstars, businesses that would create a team in the photography industry for the sole purpose to create mutual business opportunities.
  • The sole purpose for thephotographer4you® being on Empire Avenue is networking with like minded individuals, to potentially network in my local area to create business opportunities within my geographical locations. I am willing to travel abroad given the right opportunity. I see the Empire Avenue as a way to advertise businesses and to discover new businesses.
  • Grow client and lead list for photography and blogging opportunities.
  • Build a sponsors, corporate sponsors and promotional products and books list to review on thephotographer4you® blog.
  • Hosting giveaways to show appreciation to readership IF the product placement, promotional items and brands for thephotographer4you® blog are a mutual match.
  • Time Management – It is very easy to get caught up in Empire Avenue game for hours. By staying on the platform for a number of hours it can effect the social media interaction and involvement across social media identities. Dedicate a specific time to actively manage, engage, socialize, buy, MAX active stockholders, and general admin housekeeping.
  • Tools – SetSocial.com and EavTrader.com are tools to manage stockholders stock performance.
  • Translating virtual money into real capital in the real business world.
Please Note: If I sell your stock it is not personal. It is because the stock is crashing, a lack of inactivity, no social media interaction across social media identities and to used the virtual money known as eaves to invest in active Empire Avenue participates. No eaves mean no playing the game, hence, effecting the growth of (e)PHOTOG4YOU stock.
sponsors 751x530 Empire Avenue After XpendapaloozaIV Buying and Emeeting

Items of interest to promote your wares, services and contest giveaways for brand awareness on thephotographer4you® 

  • Photography – gear, lens, backpacks, Tripods, filters and books to review and giveaway to readership
  • Food – seasonings, cookware, utensils, coupons, cookbooks and ANY food gift baskets of course!
  • Candy – chocolate, seasonal items based on holidays excluding Halloween. I do not celebrate Halloween at all!
  • Clothing – specifically photography, tee-shirts depends on the brand and logo on the front, quality made items for women and men. Shoes are a hit and miss….no cheap shoes at all! Underwear I don’t want to be bother with at all! No way of knowing if it is clean.
  • Computers – Apple and HP only. iPhones, iPads, iPods, Apps, and any gadgets for the brands specified.
  • Cameras – Canon, NIKON and Powershot, etc. Test products for purpose of reviewing and giveways
  • Restaurant reviews – Paid restaurant visits would be discussed per client.
  • Makeup – High quality makeup, cologne and perfume products only
  • Athletic gear – Nike and UnderArmour
  • Sports – Tennis, Football, Track, Weighlifting, Basketball and Golf
  • Games – all and any to give away to the age appropriate children and adults
  • Paid Presentations – conducted for lunch and learns, workshops and marketing a brand product for placement and brand awareness. HP, Canon, Facebook, Social Media and promotions, etc.
  • Non-Profits are welcome as long as they are (c)501 entities with a social purpose. Payment arrangements discussed per request. Must show certification and be a registered non profit.
  • NGOS – requirements are the same as nonprofit.
  • Tickets - Shows, sports, plays and movie , etc. to any and all shows that entertain people for the sole purpose of giveaways to the readers on thephotographer4you®. Two weeks notice required to run the contest. I believe it is rude to expect folks to drop what they are doing with only one day notice when running a contest for ticket giveaways. I can’t tell you how many folks send me emails giving the readers only one day to plan…I typically pass on those emails.
  • Blogging – Paid blogging opportunities only. No perks in place of blogging for anyone else’s blog platform.
If there is a product I do not have listed, please feel free to contact me to inquire. thephotographer4you® is open to all promotional opportunities that cater to rewarding the readership of this blog.

tfcd Empire Avenue After XpendapaloozaIV Buying and Emeeting  For many years I have works as a Sales Representative promoting blue chip products, services and solutions for the sole purpose of increased revenue in an assigned territory. My job was to promote brand awareness, train, product placement and to increase and help the company meet and exceed their fiscal revenue. I had a knee injury in  2004. At the time human resources suggest that I take a leave of absence from my Business Development Associate position. My position was terminated when I could not return after the 12 weeks of leave. I did not return back to working for an establish corporation since that time. Most of my energy was focus on raising my two boys and being married. I stayed abreast of technology, continued to self educate and completed a Paralegal certification program at Frederick Community college. I created this blog for the purpose of reinventing myself, promoting thephotographer4you® professional photography services and to keep my mind active. As time went on I decided that thephotographer4you® could be any professional photographer that provides a legitimate service within their geographical area to clients that pay for those services. I have had several experiences offering my photography services based on the alleged TFCD motto. I have come to Understand TFCD request in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia market simply as folks that want to use photographers for free services. I did not find the arrangement to be rewarding at all! No one should work for free, use their resources, gas, time and energy without any compensation. The most time consuming job of an photographer is after the shoot, filtering the workflow and editing photographs. The expenses involve travel time using their own fiscal resources on gas, airplane tickets and trains. Anyone that does not compensate the photographer for their professional photographer services are down right cheesy and leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I decided that I would rather blog about others photography, business, opinionated rants and ravings on thephotographer4you®. I prefer to snap pictures of my dog/cat for TFCD than to be used up and spit out by a fake producer, fake model, fake anyone that proclaims to be client looking for free services. Justsaying there are more fake photographers stealing people money, fake models, fake producers of fashion shows and scam artist on Craiglist seeking TFCD photographers to use the shutterbug for their services. There are more folks in the Metropolitan area claiming to offer exposure for TFCD. That is a misconception that photographers need to stay away from. Once the client receives the photographs, the photographer is onto the next photography gig  and client based on their own advertising efforts and from previous clients word of mouth.

Note the victims of scam artist photographer Darien Small from the Maryland area had a sign of relief when law enforcement swooped down on his ass and arrested him. Small’s trial was held on Friday 5/6/11 at 9.30am. Clarence M. Mitchell, Jr. Courthouse, 111 North Calvert St., Baltimore, Maryland. I wonder did the brides and grooms recovered their wedding photographs?


statsss Empire Avenue After XpendapaloozaIV Buying and Emeeting

According to Alexa thephotographer4you® caters to an audience that is 35+, college educated, female, no children, income $60+ and conducts most browsing from home. The blogs rank fluctuates daily from 180-250 rank. Predominantly African American.

According to Lijit statistics

There are disparities with Alexa and Lijit reporting statistics. Google has it own way of measuring the website as well. Just WhoIS thephotographer4you®?

I have found that the numbers across all metrics are reported differently based on their own algorithms. The data that provides an accurate view for the thephotographer4you® comes from my host provider Hostgator.  The hosting provider use Awstats that produces visual statistics about visitors of thephotographer4you® website.

This information is specifically useful for advertisers considering doing business and when inquiring about product promotions. thephotographer4you® 2011 year to date numbers based on  hosting provider Hostgator Awstats. 

Unique visitors 310,560; Number of visits 492,048; Pages 2,225,042;  Hits 7,197,659

Rectangle1 Empire Avenue After XpendapaloozaIV Buying and Emeeting

thephotographer4you® offers readers, local businesses and commercial businesses an opportunity to advertise on thephotographer4you® blog website through a company called Blogads. Click the link on the left side of this blog to view advertising rates and setting up your advertisement ads.

google Empire Avenue After XpendapaloozaIV Buying and Emeeting

Imagine my surprise when I received the email below from Google. I use to be a member of Google Adsense until Google disabled my account in June 2011 based on invalid click activity. I was shocked and stunned but too tired to deal with it. I had been an Google Adsense customer for several years and was surprised to learned that my blog thephotographer4you® was getting weird clicks…who knew? Google does not allow you view their source and does not reveal how they come to conclusions about a blogs performance on the Internet. I received an cold and shallow email in my GMail account thephotographer4you@gmail.com from Google stating:

Google AdSense adsense-adclicks-noreply@google.com to me

This message was sent from a notification-only email address that does not accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message.:

After reviewing our records, we’ve determined that your AdSense account
poses a risk of generating invalid activity. Because we have a
responsibility to protect our AdWords advertisers from inflated costs due
to invalid activity, we’ve found it necessary to disable your AdSense
account. Your outstanding balance and Google’s share of the revenue will
both be fully refunded back to the affected advertisers.

Please understand that we need to take such steps to maintain the
effectiveness of Google’s advertising system, particularly the
advertiser-publisher relationship. We understand the inconvenience that
this may cause you, and we thank you in advance for your understanding and

If you have any questions or concerns about the actions we’ve taken, how
you can appeal this decision, or invalid activity in general, you can find
more information by visiting


The Google AdSense Team

me Empire Avenue After XpendapaloozaIV Buying and Emeeting

There you have the deets and the 411 about my experiences on Empire Avenue, thephotographer4you®, advertising with Google and thephotographer4you® statistics year to date performance.

Thank you for visiting thephotographer4you®. Your readership, comments, invitations to events, inquiries, emails and your continual support on thephotographer4you® is very much appreciated. Feel free to leave comments in the comment section beneath the blog post. The only comments that will not approved on thephotographer4you® are discriminating, offensive comments towards other readers, bias remarks, gay bashing and hate comments. All and any other comments are fair game and by leaving your comments it will allow your voice to be heard.


Thanks for visiting thephotographer4you®
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