Comedic Beef Part II | Howard Stern and Robin Respond To Jamie Foxx

Not one to take anything lying down, Howard Stern fires back his response to Jamie Foxx especially when he got wind that Jamie called Robin a house negro behind a class window. He goes in deep about how many holes are in Jamie, he’s gay and the whole nine yards but he was not going to really throw Jamie under the bus. He is not interest in starting a comedic beef with the award winning comedian. Basically he views the Jamie Foxx show as a bunch of irrelevant folks. One thing is for sure about Satellite radio is they bring it on……now I wonder if Jamie will respond to Howard? He still has love for Jamie……eating popcorn!

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Howard said Jamie Foxx had taken some shots at him on his SiriusXM show: “Jamie’s been on my show many times. Jamie’s a talent. But Jamie seems to want to get in some weird pissing contest with me.” Howard then began to hint about what could come out in the war: “I got a lot of stuff on Jamie but I don’t wanna get into it.”
Robin wondered why Jamie felt compelled to comment on Howard’s statements about ‘Precious’ star Gabourey Sidibe’s future in Hollywood: “Does anyone go to Jamie Foxx for–for opinions?” Howard agreed: “He can act. He can sing. So go do that and shut up.” Howard tried to hold himself back: “I’m not gonna let it escalate…I’m not gonna open up the next can of worms. Jamie’s got enough shit in his life to deal with. It ain’t a bed of roses, let’s put it that way.”


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After hearing that Jamie had called Robin a ‘house negro,’ Howard exploded: “Be a man. Come in here and say it right to our faces. Come in here and tell Robin she’s a ‘house negro’ and come in here and tell me how irrelevant I am. Come here man to man and talk to me if you really have a bug up your ass about me and we’re ‘on the same team.’ You know? So come on in here like a real man and confront me. And you tell me what I’m doing wrong. And I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you your whole story.”

Howard continued: “I don’t know what pressures he’s feeling in his life. I’m sure it’s not easy being an actor finding a role. I don’t know how many of his pictures make money. I don’t know what his deal is. I don’t know if he’s washed up or not. Maybe he’s got a bug up his–maybe he’s trying to get some attention for himself. I don’t know. But uh my guess is maybe we’re probably not on the ‘same team.’ I think he’s playing for a way different team. Ok? That’s what I think. I don’t know what team he’s on, but it ain’t my team. You wanna be on my team? Come in here if you got a problem with me. You come in and tell me what your problem is. Because I suggest there is no problem.”


Robin thought there was no real problem and Howard agreed: “It feels weird to me. It doesn’t ring true. It feels like professional wrestling.” Howard wondered why Jamie even had a channel on Sirius: “I don’t know one person’s name on there except for Jamie! I don’t know even know where the channel is on Sirius–honestly!”
Howard continued to address Jamie directly: “Don’t say you’re a friend of mine. You know you’re clearly not. And let’s leave it at that. So go have a good life. Go make some great movies. And good luck with your career.” Howard refused to even play a clip of the comments that set him off: “I thought it was bad radio…like doing the dozens when I was back in Roosevelt.”


Robin said the ‘house negro’ comments had no effect on her: “I don’t care. I really don’t care what they say…someone had to play it for you for you to hear it. It wasn’t like someone was talking about it on the street.” Howard couldn’t believe the phrase was still in use: “This is f’ing bullshit. You just sound silly.” Robin shrugged: “I have no idea what they mean by that. But I–I wish they could get more descriptive because and it’s a very old term and I don’t know if it has relevance anymore. Speaking of relevant…Something that’s irrelevant you usually just ignore.”


Howard said he tried to keep his cool about the situation–until he heard the clip: “And then I heard the word ‘Jew’…you call me an f’ing Jew? I’m gonna get f’ing angry. I’ll take your shit? And you know what? You know what? I don’t just sit back and f’ing take shit. Quite frankly this thing could escalate to uncomfortable areas. Trust me…there’s total animosity between us as far as I’m concerned.”
Howard held his cards, but hinted at his hand: “There’s a whole lot of interesting stuff I’d bring up if I were really gonna go to war on this…I don’t know what’s up his ass. It’s none of my business, you know. If he’s got something in his ass, that’s his business.” George, speaking from experience, said having something up your ass can indeed be uncomfortable: “Sometimes there’s pain there.”
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