Blogging Daily November’s NaBloPoMo 2013

Bloggers are against WiFi charges Blogging Daily Novembers NaBloPoMo 2013

Today is the last day to enroll in November NaBloPoMo on Blogher. For blogging inspiration, every week, Blogher be handing out an iPad Mini and two passes to the 2014 BlogHer conference in San Jose, CA. for a chance to win a mini iPad and 2 passes.

NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month and the rules for participating are simple. You have to post every day in the month of November. You can post anything that your fingers can type and post as long as you do it every day.

You know some of us pseudo bloghers need all the inspiration to blog daily. It’s been a while since I’ve made a commitment to blog on my own blog daily. There are several reasons aka excuses for not blogging on thephotographer4you®.

  • I’ve been posting all of my deets on various social media platforms.
  • Facebook and Instagram replaced my own blogging platform. YIKES……
  • Nagging voice inside my head….thephotographer4you blog does not meet purported high standards to participate with the successful league of bantering Bloghers already established presence on the Internet. UMPH!
  • Content, content or putting too much thought into what type of content to post? Jeez….just post a blog already.
  • Forgetting why I started a blog in the first place?
  • Finding my mojo and my voice.
  • There you have it. My daily blog for today. Now I will go ponder about what to blog about later on today or tomorrow. I am committing to participate by blogging daily in November’s  NaBloPoMo 2013.
  • Now that I am coming out of blogging hibernation. I discovered there are no perfect bloggers.

nano Blogging Daily Novembers NaBloPoMo 2013

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National Blog Posting Month is a month long writing exercise intended to occur annually in November. The first NaBloPoMo occurred in November of 2006, and was the brainchild of M. Kennedy, an American blogger. Kennedy was inspired by National Novel Writing Month, which also happens every November, and thought that there should be a blogging counterpart. NaBloPoMo took off, thanks to the extensive information distribution network between bloggers, with hundreds of participants entered in the first NaBloPoMo.

NaNoWriMo was founded in 1999 by 21 authors in the San Francisco Bay Area who wanted to motivate themselves into producing more written work. The challenge requires authors to produce a 50,000 word novel within one month.

The rules of NaBloPoMo are simple, although the challenge is set up on an honor system. Participants are required to publish one post on their personal website or blog every day. There is no length requirement, with some posters writing long essays every day and others posting photographs and brief captions.

The moderator for NaBloPoMo is Melissa Ford.

Thanks for visiting thephotographer4you®
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