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With many social networking website available on the Internet…who has time to update each individual account anymore? When I started blogging I use to go to each and every account to update my status….what a drag that was for me. Day in and day out until I learned more about what was available on the web I was at the mercy of my laptop. is an easy to use, quick to setup and user friendly..with some tweaking you will be setup all over the internet. Why not connect all of your accounts through social media, leaving you to focus on what you love to do most….blog and sharing information through social media. I am certain there will be another social media application popping up soon but in the meantime give a try. It’s Free to

Proxifeed – Use keywords that match your areas of interest and let Proxifeed identify relevant real-time web content. Mix-in other RSS sources too. See your feed become exciting and engaging. More and more people will notice and start following you.

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