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blogs about blogging Cyberlinking | Trolling the Cyberstreet BeatWhy re-invent the wheel and deets when there are bloggers already going there….yeah I get the celebrity scoop, GTFOH and WTF from some of these bloggers posting on the Internet…they bring it. Get into it!

Natasha shows us fabulous African America fathers hanging out with family and friends

Who has knocked their head and acted like a fool as a father and parent this past week and weekend?

Father’s looking for booty and puss but don’t know the meaning of responsibility can seek new tail here.

Father’s who want a candid spot front and center showing their lack of fathering skills here.

Am I the baby daddy and WTF here.

Still the most hated blogger and he could care less what you think of him here.

Hip Hop and flavorful news at it finest two hours here.

Is it a girl or boy here hanging with the celebrities here.

Who has the drama…where is the happening spots in town here.

When am I getting a free iPad here.

The first folks on the celebrity scene here.

Local deets and keeps me in the know about the 411 in my hood here.

Straightforward 411 celebrity gossip and stalker photographer’s deets here.

BET has a new blogger on the blogroll here.

Straightforward gossip and banter here.

Blog advertising with your blog here.

All up in everyone’s business here.

Most hated African American blogger on the Internet here.

Better keep your clothes on when this photographer has his camera pointed at you here.

Geekguy on the Internet here.

Gawking celebrity news of the day here.

Popping out the celebrity deets faster than you can blink here.

The first celebrity radar to report celebrity news and hottest dads deets here.

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