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Beware of a trojan scam circulating the Internet:

This one attempts to steal victims’ money by bullying them to pay a “pre-trial settlement” to cover a “Copyright holder fine”.

The victim is informed that an “Antipiracy foundation scanner” has found illegal torrents from the system. If he won’t pay $400 (via a credit card transaction), he might face jail time and huge fines.

Here is the skinny on the scam.:

The security researchers at F-Secure have found a new “ransom Trojan” making the rounds in cyberspace that claims to find copyright violations on a target’s computer. Basically the person who downloaded software applications from torrent websites if your into that sort of thing. Now you panic and think they are legitimate but wait a minute….they just want your money. The company hackers found a way to put the fear of God in your hearts….basically sucker you into believing that you have been found out to be a person that downloads copyright material without paying for it. NOT! Wait up, hold up that is not the case. The Trojan tries to convince the victim to pay a pre-trial settlement of $400 to cover the costs of a “Copyright holder fine.”

The malware tells the victim that an “antipiracy scanner” has found copyrighted torrents on the victim’s computer and that they must pay a fine or face prison or larger fines. The warnings continue to reappear each time the user reboots the system. Believe me I think it would go down a bit different than this scam….there are victims out there that believe everything they read on the Internet. BEWARE!

The messages claim to come from the ICPP Copyright Foundation, which according to F-Secure researchers, does not exist. The email address used in the domain registry has been used in other cyber crime activities involving malware.

News from the Lab has the 411.

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