Arnie & Dawn Transgender Joke?

When will these people learn not to say stupid things and make negative comments about people. I suppose when it is going to affect their ratings, advertisers start pulling their $ponsor$hip, fan base and their pocket$ are hit than the public gets an apology. I think these people come up with shit to stay in the news and receive free publicity. The kids are not feeling this show and personally who the hell is Arnie and Dawn? The Rob Arnie and Dawn Show is a morning show aired on KRXQ 98 Rock in Sacramento. Last week they made a stupid comment about transgenders and now they are backpeddling by calling it a joke. Go figure….we the people need to realize that some of these folks making racial, negative and gay jokes are totally yesteryear and it should tell you to listen to something else instead of patronizing a bunch of assholes who persist on keeping racist, gay negative jokes and name calling in the media. Apologies are like assholes because everyone has one….Change the channel!

The Rob & Arnie Controversy

The Rob & Arnie Controversy continues

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