Alert | Hurt Locker Torrent Users There Is A New Antipiracy Sheriff In Town

Remember that movie that beat Avatar at the Oscars…well word on the Internet street. This can get ugly…..if you downloaded the movie and plan to burn it to a DVD. I got a letter a long time ago when I was using a product called VSO ConvertoDVD software which allows you download the movie from the Internet and burn it. Comcast sent me a letter by email notifying me several years ago that they have been notified and to basically stop downloading the movie…..It felt like a gotcha moment. Of course it was a little nerve racking but I never downloaded another movie from that point on….besides what is the point when you can just watch movies online. I guess after the novelty fell off from winning a gold metal stature wore off and the “Hurt Locker” producer was laying in bed thinking….HUH! Than her husband taunted her by flashing all of his earning from Avatar in her face and yelled who needs an Oscar when your movies is pulling in some serious bank? She then thought……I didn’t make that much money? Girl had an menopausal hot flash and her mood did a 360 degree turn. She had a WTF moment and yelled to her handlers to get the RIAA on the fucking phone, ASAP!! “The Hurt Locker” decided to file suit against several thousand people. It is about those who have downloaded an unlicensed copy of the Internet – only in this case is about 50 000 fans free viewing novelties film. The movie won six Oscars, but box-office takings from the film in the U.S. exceeded 16 million.

The Hurt Locker, like many other Hollywood films, was leaked onto BitTorrent months before its official release in theaters. the movie only made $16 million. Undoubtedly, the film’s early leak online combined with the relatively low earnings is part of the reason Voltage and the US Copyright Group decided to sue.

The US Copyright Group has made a name for itself by helping movie studios (mostly independent ones) sue thousands of P2P users in an attempt to “stop movie copyright infringement and make illegal downloaders pay damages for the content they have stolen.” Last month, the group made headlines by helping German director Uwe Boll sue more than 2,000 P2P users for downloading his film Far Cry.

The firm uses tech from GuardaLey, which collects the IP addresses of users that are believed to be downloading the film from BitTorrent. From the IP address, it figures out which ISP is responsible and e-mails it, asking the ISP to retain all logs for the IP address identified at the time in question. Once the content of the download is verified, the lawyers take over and subpoena the ISPs for subscriber information in order to find out exactly who has been naughty. Once the users are unmasked—and according to the group, nearly all ISPs cooperate—the firm sends settlement offers.

As we observed when we covered the Far Cry suit last month, this one is straight out of the RIAA’s playbook, and the US Copyright Group is hoping that it works this time around too. “You can guess that relative to the films we’ve pursued already, the order of magnitude [with The Hurt Locker] is much higher,” attorney Thomas Dunlap told the Reporter. With the firm promising thousands more lawsuits on behalf of copyright owners, it certainly looks like it’s banking on this strategy bringing in the bucks.

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