Honor Breast Cancer Awareness

cancer Honor Breast Cancer Awareness

While we fuss, bicker and banter about #Obamacare. There is someone right now seeking treatment for cancer.

Justsaying…..ladies and gentlemen get a mammogram. I started having mammos in my late thirties. I have had surgery twice to remove 1.5 lumps and cyst from my right breast. What is weird to me if it seems the lumps show up out of no where. Like grow overnight. I typically discover the lumps on my own by lying down with my arm raise….the lump was very pronounced and the size freaked my mind out. Fortunately for me. Each surgery was a success and the lumps were benign. It is imperative that I get a mammogram yearly and you too.

I planted Star Daisies under a tree in my front yard. The flower is a perennial. The green leaves remain after the star daisy has wilted. such a fitting flower to honor breast cancer awareness.

This endcap was spotted at a local grocery store.: Weis flower end caps always make me pause to stop, snap a pic n smell the flowers.

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