Getting GHOST

I “DO NOT DO” #stress very well at all!!! I mean that shit too family. I am spewing to all of you too…all of you. Family, tenants, foster, biological, foe n friends…all of you. Ain’t dat bitch….bout to be ghost. Y’all getting on my goddamn everlasting nerves. How bout that? Nah…I am only one person. Ain’t got time for asinine shit. ENOUGH…K.

Happy Parents Getting GHOST

I did not have to beat, whip nor spank our children….my #voice was what I used. I meant what I said…lived up to it as a example n did not care what our children thought of me as a a #stepmother. My mommy gave me advice before I said “I Do”. If I told child to do something…I meant it! Why would I advise our children about anything wrong?

Was not playing nor playing tug a war. I took mommy advice literally. Mommy said just because you #wed that man. “If anything happen to those kids. You would be at fought too”. I believe mommy…that message was direct n meant for to me. I had a responsibility once I said I do n that meant “Momma” Dee gonna wear a sergeant cap in da crib….F what you heard… about being a soldier momma….YUP. Sure the hell was n ain’t ashamed to say it out loud. They was my baby boys. F y’all asinine peeps that got something to say. Both my boy got accepted in a #military academy. Eldest son graduated Lt. Gordon Randall US Air Force Academy (Official) baby son accepted n kicked out from West Point – The U.S. Military Academy n that is a story. I am still proud of my baby boy.. do not get it twisted. Now what. Even the #Royal #family send their kids to a #academy. Before you question my shit….check dat shit in your own cribs before you tug at my wig….I do not take kindly to assholes bantering rants. I am a different kind of bird. Yeah I am…..very happy n gloating.

Our boys are good young men as I know them. Now if they do some different shit. Imma be the first one out the gate to call dem on their asinine shit…K.  I thank God for dem boys. Thank you GOD. Getting ghost……I am getting offended with some of your bantering rants.

I am getting offended with some of your bantering rants.
Where are my keys. I AM GHOST BITCHES n MOFOS.
Oh seriously….ENOUGH!!!!!

I am very goddamn proud of our boys. I m delighted to watched their life journey into manhood…fuck what you heard. Dem boys are def worthy of my n Mister attention. Whaddup sir….we salute you young men. Yeah we do…proud of our boys too despite the scully wag. You heard?



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