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I actually respond to comments periodically on several of the Social media platforms I am I am signed to….however most of my comments feedback has been on Facebook and this blog. Justsaying if you expect me to comment back to your bantering opinion or rant. I suggest you leave your comment on those two boards. The rest is all there purely for entertainment purposes.
It is not personal!
Some organizations and non profits groups may take my comment personal but I do not give a hoot. I totally believe that some organizations are full of horse manure. Quite frankly using interns and volunteers to step over their backs… is one thing to volunteer for a cause but another thing when the volunteer is expected to pick up the cost to assist the non profit with “their” cause. I find that unfair and it borderlines almost on a slave running mentality with the organization. The volunteer eats the cost for gas to get to the organization. Works their tush off and eat the expense of feeding themselves without any compensation from the non profit aka legit organization. Please “DO NOT SEND ME ANY VOLUNTEER” NOTICES THAT DO NOT INCLUDE A DESCRIPTION, STIPEND OR SOME FORM OF COMPENSATION. If I want to volunteer for a cause. I can seek them out myself. Thank you very much.
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