What Is Google+ and Why Eventually You Will Join the Circle

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I have found the best way to manage your Google+ account is by installing extensions for the Chrome browser.


Publish sync for google+ & facebook or SGPlus? I use both extensions.

This is a super top extension, provide two-way syncs Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk. It supports article, video, pictures and web links.
Download the mobile application for Google+ to keep up with the peeps joining your circle.

While you’re trying to figure out what to do with all of this information. Play Empire Street to get your mind off of things, Fully follow me to have someone else to rant to about the silent competition between Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

My favorites tools and Google+ extensions for Chrome:

Replies and more for Google+ – Chrome Web Store

Notification Count for Google Plus™ – Chrome Web Store

+Photo Zoom – Chrome Web Store

Usability Boost for Google Plus™ – Chrome Web Store

Move Your Photos – Chrome Web Store- I have not used it because I find it redundant to post my pics from Facebook to Google+

Share+ Social Buttons which also includes Blogger, Yahoo, StumbleUpon, Digg and more.

Tweets+1 is a useful extension if you want to add individual tweets to your +1 list. This can be particularly useful if you’re using Google’s +1 list as a personal bookmark list.

++, the Chrome extension will show you Google+ profiles of users whose names are on a page you’re visiting.

+1 Plus One Extension you can easily share any site you’re browsing in Chrome with just the click of a button.

+OneFB is a handy Chrome extension which lets you +1 Facebook posts.

Social Statistics, developed by The Next Web’s own Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, has generated statistics for over 40,000 Google+ users, as well as keeping up with the most popular posts on the social network. The site features a Top 100 list of the most followed Google+ users, and a Top 5 of users gaining and losing the most followers.

Google+ Counter is something of a Hall of Fame for the social network, featuring over 30,000 profiles.

Group/As gives you an incredibly easy way to discover new people on Google+, where users have been listed in various groups such as Photographer, Entrepreneur, Celebrity, Blogger and so forth.

GPHangouts is a directory for Google+ hangouts. If you want to find a hangout to take part in, you can check out the list of hangouts in progress, or the list of scheduled hangouts.

Google Plus Directory | Google Plus Search | Find People on G+

Add Me / Update Me

If you don’t like a Chrome extension>click the wrench in the far right hand upper corner>click on tools> en tensions >disable the tool you no longer wish to use.

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