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It has been quite a while since I have checked my Google Webmaster tools features. The numbers in the graph are from thephotographer4you website… Last Friday Google updated the Webmaster tools with some new interfaces to allow users to analyze the links their site is receiving. I must say it is a quite resourceful and impressive tool, if it doesn’t do anything but lift one’s ego that folks are reading your blog….information can be found on the Webmaster Central Blog

The Google Webmaster graphs are used to evaluate and analyze your blog..interesting stuff! NowGoogle team are working on approving Google Adsense.  The Google Webmaster tool give users both more detail and more control over how their site appears in search engine result pages (SERPs).

  • The top keywords or phrases that your website appears for
  • The number of impressions these keywords or phrases receive
  • The clicks your website receives for these keywords or phases
  • The click through rate (CTR) for these keywords or phrases
  • The average position where your website rank for keywords or phrases
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