What (e)PHOTOG4YOU Learned About Empire Avenue Overnight

empire dee 799x530 What (e)PHOTOG4YOU Learned About Empire Avenue Overnight

Yesterday I posted self promotional deets on one of my favorite Facebook groups Team Zen. Underneath the FB and Flickr post:

Thank you all you for your continued support. Have a fabulous week! Dee

(e)PHOTOG4YOU stock has been on a steady incline since day 1=112.66e (+0.602)
My sole purpose is to increase and to continue to make money for my stockholders.

Net Wealth
My Total Shares: 130000
My Shares Outstanding: 121174 (93.211%)
Yesterday’s Range: 111.785 – 112.059
Dividends (weekly avg.) 158,416 /day 1.33 /share Yesterday the divs 1.45
My Portfolio Count: 241
My Portfolio Value: 2,688,345.78

According to Louis:

Share Price: 112.66e
Yesterday’s Volume: 977
Total Shares Available: 130000
Shares Outstanding: 121174 (93.21%)
Shares Owned: 22419
Avg. Dividend Paid Out: 1.33e /share
Last Dividend Paid Out: 1.15e /share
Shareholders: 603 (+58)
Portfolio: 230 (-27)
Recommended: 94 (+12)
Past 7 days: 106.46e – 112.66e (+6.20)
Previous Week: 99.79e – 106.46e (+6.67)

Buying History

164 people bought 16,872 shares.
(last week: 179 people, 17,947 shares)

12 people sold 421 shares.
(last week: 10 people, 386 shares)

73 people bought shares in you who did not own any before this week.
(last week, 100 people)

Some people that bought you who did not own any shares before this week:

You Joined: 1 month ago
(07/27/11 22:25 GMT)

empire dee2 785x530 What (e)PHOTOG4YOU Learned About Empire Avenue Overnight

  • Notice the change in the dividend and price overnight? The price is steadily in an upward incline and the dividend increased from the day before. I am not certain what cause that but I am happy because it makes money for my shareholders.
  • What did I do differently? It has been a week since I weeded my portfolio. I sold shares that were declining. My portfolio was losing money by holding on to poor performance stocks. For example I had one stock in my portfolio -1.85 which made my eyes bulge in disbelief. Clearly the individual was not playing at all, took time away from the game and have not been socially active. I sold the stock to re-invest in another social active stock. I will buy back active participate with dividends over .50 at a later time. My premium stock holders are not weeded simply because they are playing the game and have lives outside of Empire Avenue. If anything I am working on fully maxing those shareholders, endorsing their blogs and eventually become totally vested on all of their social media platforms. (e)PHOTOG4YOU picked up a few more shareholders
  • Network activity I am on the fence about at this time. (e)PHOTOG4YOU network activity will fluctuate based on social interaction and real life responsibilities. It is a virtual game after all based on social interaction. The system runs their updates in a different time zone and currently I can’t tell if the updates are in real time. There appears to be disparities from time to time but this area receives the least of my attention of measuring.
  • Net Wealth has been gradually increasing based on the (e)PHOTOG4YOU portfolio. This is extremely important because this is how I obtain eaves to spend daily on purchasing eaves in others.
123 729x530 What (e)PHOTOG4YOU Learned About Empire Avenue Overnight
There you have (e)PHOTOG4YOU observation and what (e)PHOTOG4YOU learned about Empire Avenue overnight. There are no way to measure how the algorithmic  numbers are computed on a daily basis. Empire Avenue Unveils the People’s Market and Puts Google in its Sights The million dollar question of today? How to translate a virtual network into real world experiences that convert virtual dollars into working capital?
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