Cat Studio Meet & Greet

Meet and Greet for photographers, artist, models, designers, makeup artist, musicians and industry folks networked, kiki, primped and chat it up  at Cat Studios on May 15, 2010 located at 610 Lafayette Laurel, MD 20707

I would have love to photograph everyone who walked in the door but it was impossible to do….. I arrived at 4:30 PM – 12:30 AM. The studio was still buzzing with activity when I decided to leave…..pooped!  Unedited pictures can be viewed on flickr….I captured at least 750 pics with my walk around Canon 50D with and without my 580 exII on a 32GB Compactflash card. Images shot in automatic and manual mode.

Feel free to contact me for one on one studio photoshoot…. on/off location.

Photography Tools Used for post processing:

  • CS3
  • CS5 – love the HDR tool, working on using other fabulous tools that came with the program. Coming soon!
  • LucisArt, OnOne, Topaz, and a slew of other plugins to get special effects.
  • Edited images will be added periodically.

moz screenshot 1 Cat Studio Meet & Greet

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