Trading Vegetable Seeds on Social Media Websites

1 seed Trading Vegetable Seeds on Social Media Websites

I am slowly leaning toward the attitude about trading vegetables, trees, flowers and landscaping non edible plants seeds the same way I view photography TFCD. Justsaying…..seed trading n selling is bigger than I am. It can become a chaotic gardening journey venture.

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Facebook bantering opinionated rant.:

 I’ve been pondering about “trading” n “swap for seeds” for quite some time. I am in other gardening groups that have established swaps. > USA FLOWER SEEDS AND BULBS SWAP, The Bloom Room: Seed Swap and some members in Delmarva Organic Gardening may dabble from time to time. As I venture into the world of seeds. I have come to the conclusion that there should be prerequisites n guidelines set up involving seed trades. I am still writing in my head n have not had time to sit down to compose a narrative. Example: Facebook members would be offered packages of seeds for XYZ$ and setting up a shop on Amazon to sell seed packages individually for XYZ$ plus shipping. Say for example you have 50K seeds and you were to send 50 divided by 10 seeds per pack=? what in postage. Now in my business minded quirky way of thinking. I do not think it is realistic to eat the cost. One would burn out two ways financially cause there is no return to sustain the trade. If you were to offer seeds with a stipulation that would allow you to hire someone to push the orders out and produce more seed….then it is viable. In my humble opinion…..and my personality. I am not that type of person….too daunting n makes me want to run n hide in a corner. Seed trading for me would become overwhelming n chaotic. Justsaying if this is the next phase of Diggin’ Down n’ Dirty one should come up with prerequisites n guidelines. I have been on several gardening boards n some of the folks have conveyed their opinions about seed trading. YUP! I read comments from the veterans and pay attention to the folks that contribute resourceful information n keeps it really real! Example: Some folks claim to want to do a seed trade. You send XYZ seeds n they don’t send you the trade. Scouter n scammer on board. PAUSE….stop the car. Need to rethink this….now if you just want to send seeds to folks. Cool! However if you or I go into seed trading blindly. Did we really think n give the process considerable thought? Are you willing to be charitable on a financial scale aka postage you did not consider? What are the rules and laws for seed trading in each county? I have spoken to AOSCA about seed trading n selling. I just need to know. OK…now that I’ve said that….back to my task for today. I will be back. I am think mode n working on a to do list. 

cone heads Trading Vegetable Seeds on Social Media Websites

This cone head flower is the dead flower seeds above. Save seeds sowers.

Back to my bantering opinionated rant about trading seeds. Again who eats the financial cost of shipping seeds when one trades vegetables, trees, flowers and landscaping non edible plants seeds?

A few questions that make me pause with committing to seed trading. Do business seed providers do seed trades? Example > Martha Steward, Burpee n Rareseed comes to mind. Until I get a answer. I am on a fence with trading seeds. Justsaying…..

Here is a good example to paint a picture in my head. I know I know I be out there sometimes on a limb swinging. Anywho.  Some folks have revealed who they really are and they are socially interactive n spew their bantering opinionated rants. Real gardeners n traders wt you know the 411 about scam traders on the social media circuit. All I can say is pay attention peeps. UMPH!

As ones group audience grow. One must be cognizant of who they’re conducting charitable or business with in social media n on a local level. My concern is licensing, law, if any seed I receive would cause problems agriculturally in my local area n so on…..home address vs. a post box? Get the gist of what I spewing here?

Side note conversation on Facebook.:

I would not call them seed hoarders. They are business people selling their seeds for profit like Martha Steward n Burpee to name a few peeps in the industry. Taking folks kindness for weakness n being unaware of what they have in their garden for profit. Now scam artist purporting to be traders to get charitable folks to send them seeds….ummm the joke would be on the trader. Like I said in my blog post. Trading seeds must come with prerequisites n guidelines. One should not eat shipping cost nor any expenses. Trading seeds are overrated…..lest your sending your seeds to a third world country or certified 501c organization. Justsaying……that is my conclusion about seed trading.


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