Start a Construction Paper Garden

con paper Start a Construction Paper Garden

Talk about being blessed. I feel elated stumbling upon this construction paper. It was calling my name. All you have to do is ask. I need to make those folks a Pound cake or Cheese cake paper gardening2 Start a Construction Paper Garden

Last summer I started a garden. I had envision a garden for the last three years. It sort of came to fruition last summer. I got serious about sowing a seed and transplanting seedlings into the ground. One thing I did not count on was weeds. My goodness the weeds almost ran me out of the garden. I almost lost interest in growing food and flowers. There had to be a better way to kill the grass. On a whim I decided to smother the grass with construction paper. Newspaper only works after the grass has been totally destroy. I learned that the hard way along with using straw with grass seeds on top of the construction paper.

paper gardening Start a Construction Paper Garden

Construction paper covered the grass I want to smother.


I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Boral Bricks. Imagine my surprise. At first I wanted to use Pallet and untreated wood until I spoke with a veteran gardener friend that happen to be a friend of 30+ years. All he had to say was…be weary of termites. That could get ugly. I found these nature material bricks in a bin at a building site. Literally a building site. I hauled every brick in my car. Took me hours. I am grateful for the find. Can we all holla re-purposing items found around the hood.

This is our yard DIY project currently happening right now. I am using construction paper to kill back the grass to build a walkway. Construction paper was used for expanding the garden from last year. I needed to plant my transplant seedlings of  Bok Choy, Arugula, Kale and the Basil, etc that had got bitten by last week frost in the DMV. The dill is holding it’s own.

(On a side note. I don’t have all the answers. I have learned that some so called experts are full of hogwash, don’t know diggly squat and can be very misleading and withhold information. By the way not every zone is created equal. What may work in zone 2 may not work in zone 4. You get the picture. )

paper gardening3 Start a Construction Paper Garden

When I married Mister some time ago. I told him don’t give me no flowers during the holidays. Ole gurl don’t want to look at no doggone dead flowers lest they are on a bush. Give me a plant darling. I want to have a rose garden I could stop, notice and smell the flowers. A dead flowers ain’t worth nothing to me except if I want to make tea or Potpourri.

The image above is construction paper, pre-treat wood before I learned about the termites and a bed of roses, onions, garlic and a assortment of plants sowed from seed. DIY project to build a concrete or pavers patio in the future sooner than later. Therefore the pre-treated wood will serve as a template. Uh huh…..I have a vision.

peach tree2 Start a Construction Paper Garden

On Earth Day I planted a Prune and Peach tree. I used the construction paper method to kill back the grass, put compost and mulch on top. It will take at least 5 years to amend clay soil. This is how you start the process. I will trench it back. Add compost and whatnot over time. In 5 years I will look up if it is the will of God for our lives. Rich soil baby. In the meantime. I planted Garlic to combat borers, Marigolds, nasturtium, variety of flower seeds, and let nature take care of itself while I do what it do.

peach tree Start a Construction Paper Garden

Peach Tree

The weather in the DMV sucked rocked. Most seedlings were frost bitten. This peach tree was planted using the construction paper ole gurl gotta get it in the ground. I have about 2 peaches left on the tree. I do not expect to be eating peaches this summer. Henceforth, all I care about is the tree surviving. I can not say the same for my eucalyptus tree seeds germinating. I think I did something wrong with those seeds. Back to the drawing board with the eucalyptus tree seeds.

arugula Start a Construction Paper Garden

Arugula is def is going to seed now. I need to cut it back. Lettuce I am finding is a hit and miss in the DMV zone.

bok choy Start a Construction Paper Garden

I am hopeful about the Bok Choy. I think I should have kept my Bok Choy, Lettuces and Arugula in large containers. The tender greens bolt in extremely high temps. I should have saved the space for warm weather hardy items. That is what I get for not following my own intuition.  Aiiiiright I will catch up with my growing peeps later with a update. I am feeling some kind of way about starting seeds indoors. It is def a hit n miss when growing new items or introducing new items into the garden. Oh well… the meantime growers. SOW A SEED!

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  • thephotographer4you

    Who needs a tiller. Get up n garden. Just sow a seed already n let the lord do the rest. Gardening will teach one to have patience.

  • thephotographer4you

    I ask for boxes from local businesses n home developers. It is amazing how much corrugated boxes goes to the recycling landfield. Remove color ink n tape before placing in the garden….worm galore boo. Starting a cardboard garden is the first step to amending the soil. I don’t have to purchase worms. Put compost on top, sow the seed n it’s popping out the soil. By the time the card board break down….the roots are strong n have broken through….mulch n watch the hand of God work it out in the garden. I feel a song coming on. REMIX >