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4th of july dc1 Shekabobs Burning on the Grill

Happy July 4th, 2012 CyberFamily

Need I say more…it is July 4th, 2012 week or weekend depending on who you are? Whatcha gonna be eating tomorrow? Here is an suggestion for your palate. Try grilling, baking or broiling some Shekabobs.


Bake on 350 degrees with foil until tender. Remember to put water on the bottom of the pan to prevent sticking and dried out meat.

Broil by putting sesame oil and turning until brown then put Barbecue or Teriyaki Sauce on the shekabobs

On the grill…go for it but don’t drink to much that you end up with charcoal meat and veggies. Wrap in foil and broil some corn while you’re at it.

Happy July 4th peeps….needless to say I am not an proponent nor an celebrator of what July 4th means to most folks in the United States. Yeah yeah.

Frederick Douglas felt some kind of way about July 4th and so do I!:

July 4th is symbolic as an American tradition filled with barbecue grills, popping beers and beach life but Frederick Douglas did not feel that way as an African American man during his era. I am posting this simply to reflect on American culture and how it may have changed since slavery in America.. Has it changed? Is it simply modernized cultured and no one wants to discuss it? Or we living in a fabricated world of bullshit that still practice the same ole same that they did in 1852? Are many African-Americans just grinning and bearing it today? Are all people from different walks of life and nationalities grinning and bearing it during this recession? Tomorrow I will go on as I ordinary would on a day to spend with family and that is chilling in the cut enjoying their company. Having a barbecue is not a huge big deal because that is my prefer way of eating all the time despite an holiday. If I could find a way to grill a turkey I would do it? Keep your head up blog  family and enjoy the holiday weekend. Keep it real with family because the next day is not promise to anyone of us. Yeah; I know that Frederick Douglas was a deep and complex negro. Now I am going to log off and enjoy the weekend! More

imma do something but I am just gonna let my day unfold. ENJOY and be safe CyberFamily….

On an side note remember there are 40 reasons to thank Mr. President Barack Obama. In between the hot-dogs, sausage potato salad, rids, chicken, pig, collard greens and whatnot….happening around town, local hoods and hangouts, remember to ask and tell those wayward folks why they “GOTTA REGISTER TO VOTE“. Uh huh…..cheers!

Oh yeah when you really want to get jiggy with it remember during that relative or your drunkard stupendous and raging drunkard moment when folks come for your neck. Remember to quote President Obama achievements while in office..please note this list has not been updated for an minute but my goodness. What the heck have you done lately? UMPH…..oh yeah it ain’t personal. The GOP proved that much…pay attention “WHITE FOLKS” cause they dem pubs never care about you working class white folks either…they just pretend to be in your corner while they brainwashed you into believing brown and black folks were the bad folks…what they say?

Black folks have always been the kindest ethnic group to take in other ethnic groups without batting an eyeball. YURP…my people has allowed whites folks to marry our sons and daughters without ANY discourse while the rest of the world talk smack…yeah we got some angry and ain’t never gonna get on fence with interracial and gay marriage nor LGBT folks in the fold. But guess what the majority of this country is white, has been white and alway been white folks on some wayward crap…whatha say now while you picking that delicious spare rib with barbecue sauce now? Now this sista girl ain’t feeling none of that trash either way…see we already know what it is…real folk already knows working class folks get the short end of the stick…enough already. Time for the American Folks to move forward I say….YURP!


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