Herbs Growing in the Kitchen Garden

herbs 397x530 Herbs Growing in the Kitchen Garden

Planted Herbs Container © Delores Randall


Have you tried to plant herbs in your kitchen garden? Herbs to plant would be Rosemary, Basil, Oregano, Chive and Cilantro. All are great starters for herbs lovers kitchen gardens.

All of the herb plants I mentioned are perennial. If you plant outdoors the herbs will grow back annually every year on its own and an little help from mother nature.


herbs2 397x530 Herbs Growing in the Kitchen Garden

Plant Herbs Container © Delores Randall


Take an old basket laying around the crib, put plastic around the bottom and staple to the top of the basket. By putting the thick plastic it will hold the soil and not damage the basket. In this basket, this Basil, Oregano and Cilantro. Eventually I will move the Basil plants into the ground and an few into single pots. Basil can grow delightfully huge leaves…..all of the herbs in the above picture was started with herb seeds.

Rosemary 706x530 Herbs Growing in the Kitchen Garden

Rosemary Plant in Container © Delores Randall


This Rosemary plant was purchased from Lowes Home Garden center. I could not find Rosemary seed anywhere….besides for $2 it is worth every red cent.

In no time you can have herbs growing in your kitchen garden. I will update this post to an more detailed post. Right now everything is growing with regular watering and dash of fertilizer.

It has been raining around these parts that I have been worried about my outdoor plants. I know that sounds odd but too much watering can kill some transplants. They become waterlogged.

Note: It is not necessary to spend an ridiculous amount of money on start kits and fancy pots. Simply use what you have around the home. Purchase your soil from your local home improvement. Purchase seeds from catalogs, Walmart and your local farmers, etc.

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