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Bill Anderson, Morning Show Host at 900AM WURD ~ Facebook cyberpeep introduce his cyberneighbors to a coupon certificate service called Restaurant.com during the holiday season. At first I was skeptical until I used my first certificate this weekend! I am extremely thankful for the local neighborhood dining experience, savings and we can totally skip a beat when we can save a coin and dollar.



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It was my first time dining experience at Buffalo Beer and Wings in the Frederick, Maryland area. The joint was located in an area called the Golden Mile. I will not lie my face was a bit twisted upon entering the door but that is just me when venturing out of my comfort zone. The Wing joint is located in a shopping mall. The community is diverse and the crowd outside is sparse….not your typical five star hangout joint.

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My husband ran into the joint claiming he had to go to the restroom. Uh huh! When I enter the restaurant…he was seated because the only thing he had on his brain was the AFC conference and a good seat to view the football game. I went to the only female available restroom, it was clean and I had no qualms. Upon entering the Wing joint we were the only African Americans seated in the joint. Meaning it was entirely white folks which can be a bit strange for a sista girl like me but it was all good. Local neighborhood Frederick folks were congregated at the bar and a few tables, we were seated at a small dining area adjacent to the door and the joint was surrounded by large flat screen televisions. The waitstaff young girls filled with positive energy…everyone was chatting away, sipping on chilled beer and nibbling chicken wings. We order our Chicken Wings, Shrimp, Potato Skins and Beer.

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Hot and Spicy. Begin with the name Cock….when I bit into these wings, my blood pressure spike, my mouth was on fire and beer did not cure the fire for at least 5 minutes. YUMMY!

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Mild Hot..not as much flame but delicious….

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I could have eaten the Shrimp the entire time I was seated. Spicy, tender and served hot!

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The Potato skins were cheesey, baked just right and the sour creme set them off! Within one hour and a half..the Wing joint came alive, the mixture of folks became diverse. It suddenly became my kind of joint…chatterbox, a mixed crowd of older, younger, and a diverse crowd of folks from a diverse background. I was in my zone. It was a global rainbow chilling in the Wing joint. Folks started talking and networking with one another about Sports namely football. I even manage to hand out a business card and left my email address. I learn so much more about football. Hell, I thought I was sitting with a different man the way my husband was spewing off the mouth about football with complete strangers. Fab times…

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Buffalo Wings and Beer in Frederick, Maryland is a cute little Wing joint to talk football and meet neighborhood folks. I totally recommend anyone to give the joint a visit when driving through. The Wings and the beer prices are off the chain. The owner was sitting right behind me and I thought he was a very cool young man. Within three hours I had connected with the folks sitting down at various tables in the Wing joint, the AFC Wild Card Playoff Game conference blared in the background on widescreen television and a projector screen, my husband was chatting it up with the dudes, everyone was sharing their football stories and where they lived, the owner shared his opinions and folks were laughing, smiling and the energy in the house was positive….fabulous times was had by everyone.

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Our total bill using an Restaurant.com certificate $42 minus $25 plus 18% tip based on the actual bill = $28. We had an awesome dining experience chilling at a local Wing joint called Buffalo Wings & Beer (BWB). 


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