Grow Basil in your Kitchen Garden

basil 530x530 Grow Basil in your Kitchen Garden

Basil © Delores Randall

I have received your email about how to grow basil in you kitchen garden. Thus far I love my container Basil plant. I have planted basil outdoors in my garden. I find that Basil tend to grow slower outdoors….

The basil in the photograph above was started from seed. I’ve transplant my basil plant outdoors in the earth three weeks ago. It has been growing slow but has survived the transplanting. In my zone we have been experiencing heavy rains which may prolong the healthy growing of basil. I am hopeful that it will produce an abundant crop of basil.

basil 2 397x530 Grow Basil in your Kitchen Garden

Basil © Delores Randall


Basil – is an annual plant. Grows 1 to 2 feet tall, 8 inches to 1 foot wide. Depending on the cultivar, the opposite leaves, where leaves emerge from the stem in opposing pairs may be smooth margined or toothed, deep green, light green, or purple. Small white or pink florets grow in spikes. Basil is used fresh or dry leaves as a seasoning in composed dishes, the primary ingredient in pesto, or to infuse vinegars or oils. Florets can be added to salads or used as a garnish. Medicinal used to soothe stomach upsets and ease digestion, can reduce fevers. Aromatherapy used for stimulating qualities. It is an insect repellent. Bees love Basil and can be used in floral mixed arrangements. Full sun. Pinch off branch tips when plants are 6 to 8 inches tall. Always leave a pair of leaves on the stem because new leaves grow from the buds in the leaf axils. If flowers do form, pinch them off to prolong the usefulness of the plant. Harvest only when plants are dry. If storing for an day or stand the stems in an inch of water and keep cool or dark. Dry by hanging or in electric dehydrator. Blanch and freeze in ice cubes or cookies sheet. Freeze in butter or oil. Pest are aphids, rose chafers, Japanese beetles and slugs. Disease are Fusarium wilt, leaf spot and viruses. Transplant and direct seed a second crop in early to mid July to ensure an continuous crop throughout the season. Basil is an delight and fragrance herb. YUMMY…..


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