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Boil the pasta, add seasoning, ingredients after the pasta cool, any type of meat or seafood. Today I am using tuna fish/ w a can of white chicken. Mix and you have a meal you can serve chilled or hot. Time 60 minutes. Serving size depends on the amount of pasta you cook and the ingredients you add. Boiled eggs are optional but good to serve on the side and this dish can be served on a bed of spinach or broccoli.

I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished Pasta on top of a bed of spinach on a plate. The men in my house were literally rushing me on Saturday because they were anticipating watching “Iron Man 2″ on the big screen.

Serve Hot or cold:


Celery seed or raw celery







Pickles on the side




Mayonnaise, a drop of mustard seasoned to taste, relish, raw shredded carrots, onions, or whatever you feel like throwing in mix. Great summer dish and extremely easy to fix.

Serve on a bed of spinach.

Ziploc leftovers and chill in the refrigerator….

iPhone Photos: Delores Randall

Food purchased from Costco

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