Frankie on The Ryan Cameron Show

I read comments about Frankie known as Keisha Cole mother and most of the remarks are negative. People tend to think this women is over the top but I enjoy watching her. She is funny, loud and perhaps a bit eccentric for some individuals taste but that is what television need to get good ratings. Otherwise I am switching the channel looking for something entertaining.  That is Keisha’s mother and she loves her momma. Don’t get it twisted nor confused folks! I tell my stepsons who sometimes forget that they have a biological mother who had them; I don’t care if the women is running around the block naked and acting like a complete fool. She is still your mother and deserves respect and your still my boys. If it had not been for her, you would not be here so you better get a clue. To the haters that want to constantly leave negative remarks about this women on blogs; get a life and get rid of the mentality that your mother is there to take care of your kids. Don’t be mad because Frankie is getting her own show. She is a very young at heart grandmother enjoying her life and newly found freedom. Did you not hear her say on a video that she just got done completing 22 years of probation. We are not accustom in our society to watch ex-convicts on television enjoying themselves without bitterness and some sad story to go along with it. She has came out of prison speaking blatantly about her experience and she choose to be forward with calling herself a ex-convict and laugh all at the same time. I am surprise Frankie still can laugh at the end of the day.

I love that “The Ryan Cameron Show” had her on the show. Frankie was somber and speaking her truth about her future son in law, Solo. To be honest she is telling the truth about the man in her daughters life. I didn’t like that engagement ring he placed on her finger, they should have kept that thing he called an engagement ring to themselves. It was not worth broadcasting that ugly and tiny piece of metal. At least he should have look like he put some thought and effort into making a jewelry purchase. It is obvious that she just met the guy and she just had a baby less than a year ago. Neffie need to focus on her development and raising her children. She need to stop sleeping with cats without a condom before she receives something more than a baby out of the relationship called AIDS.

The Way It Is

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  • floridageorgia1

    ya gotta love frakie and neffie but dang Neffie, let’s break the cycle.  i give you props for keeping all your kids but when are you onna take out time for neffie.  i feel that u and soulow need to work things out for the sake of the kids and ya’lls health.  it’s never good to bring different men into your kids life, especially girls. Could regenerate the curse, ya know.  Another thing… anyone giving keshia her respect.  she has built a promising career and brought her family in with her.  but at the same time they don’t respect her image.  regardless of how they may feel, this has alot to do with her not meeting her prince charming yet.
    i love u all !!!

  • geekgirl

    Yeah…her mother is over the top. It is really sad the way she acts…its hard to look at some time. If that is the only way for Keisha Cole to get ratings she should fire her PR team.