WATCH | Dammit, Your Mother Is Hanging Out On Facebook

FacebookedYourMom main Full WATCH | Dammit, Your Mother Is Hanging Out On FacebookOf course your mother is hanging out on Facebook…who lied to teenagers, duh! Social media is for everyone…it is the way to stay connected to the world. Gone are the days of obsolete communication, like attempting to telephone everyone in your database, connecting to pals and advertising products. Why not stay connected to your child’s activities on Facebook and Twitter? How do you think the bill gets paid for you to surf the Internet! Who has time to write a letter anymore? Texting is almost obsolete? To the kid who don’t know, your mother and father eat the cost everyday for you to entertain your friends with your strange messages, weirdness and sweet nothings! I know one thing I have a sense of entitlement when surfing my youngest child facebook page and I check in periodically with my eldest across the pond on his Facebook page…I am the wizard of networking our computer in this crib! You might get by for a minute but if I catch wind, a PMS moment and mommy moment who is not feeling your status updates on Facebook during my investigations and monthly computer checkups….you have some serious explaining to do. Of course you don’t want to wait to get connected to the world until you have your own place and means to pay your own Internet bill because that will be the next time you connect to the social media world when your are capable of paying your own Internet bill if I get wind of some out of pocket ish! Know what I am saying? If I were a teenager living in my parents crib….#JUSTSAYING get a reality check when you watch SNL video’s like this kids.  You don’t want to follow the idiot who made this video suggestion who want to be disrespectful in their parents crib or send a subliminal message to teenagers to disrespect their folks cribs. Remember you are who you are because of your parents not because of dumb videos like these that appear on HULU and Youtube! DUH!

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