Facebook Friends Can Now Stalk BFF Friends of Friends

Facebook announced the Friendship Pages: The option, known as Friendship Pages was developed by Facebook software engineer Wayne Kao. The new Facebook feature will allow BFF friends of friends to stalk and peek in on the conversation between the two friends. The feature is rolling out to all Facebook users, the tool allows you to look at every interaction between two people. To look at the interaction of any two people, you must be friends with one and have access to the other’s full profile. You can find the friendship pages under the main photo of your friend’s profile page and on links throughout your wall posts and related stories pages. If you’re friends also have permission to view both people’s profiles they can also view their friendship streams.

“When it’s between two people who share a lot, the page really starts to reflect their friendship,” says Facebook engineer Wayne Kao. “You can find a friendship page from links under relevant Wall posts, under relationship stories and under the main photo on a friend’s profile page.”

“For those of us who have worked on it, the best part is the human side of these pages,” adds Kao. “They can bring back memories, conversations and times spent together. Browsing just a few friendship pages, I was reminded of a long Saturday when a friend and I made a pie together, a memorable trip to Disneyland where I got dizzy riding a teacup, and the elaborate birthday party my friend threw for his dog–streamers, candles and all.”

Now we will have a way to find out who is really talking about us with the Facebook friendship page tool. It would be interesting for folks to read conversations between BFF friends of friends who are wondering if they have a cheating spouse, a neighbor from hell, an undercover hater, folks who piss off the police,  and the relative who has everyone’s tongues wagging. I am sure Facebook would add a feature that would allow folks to keep Facebook peeps out of our BFF friends of friends conversation. Sounds interesting to me…#JUSTSAYING why be on a social media platform if your not interacting with cyberfriends? Those type of cyber peeps….sort of reminds me of the noisy neighbor who whispers in the corner and talk behind your back type of folks. Of course law enforcement will probably love the tool….gets them closer to finding the bad guys and weeding out the misfits from our cyberspace experience. Join in the Facebook friend page conversation and stalk your BFF friends of friends. You might just learn something!

On another note….folks don’t have to be wary of x-boyfriends, x-girlfriends, one night stands, groupies, stalkers, husbands and wives photo memories.

Facebook Photos Project Manager Sam Odio said of the new feature:

“I’d like to let you know that we’re listening to your feedback. The photo memories product no longer shows tagged photos of your friends if you were previously in a relationship with them.”

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