Dem Damn Rowdy Children in our Hoods


Best comment I’ve read on one my XeeMe public stream handles today by one one my virtual peep Matthew.:

Matthew Beaudoin probably missed the point, but all I can remember is getting ‘collared’ by adults when I was in little league if I was climbing a fence or doing things out of line. I remember a neighbor yelling at me for climbing a tree in their yard. In total, I was probably put in my place by strangers and neighbors than my own parents. Of course, my parents were told and got the ‘double tap’ of public embarrassment by one adult and then the lectures, groundings, and whatnot by my parents. I was actually getting riled up that the community would let this idiot kids grow up that way, my neighborhood and town would never had allowed that…

Mi response.:

Excellent comment n feedback brother Matthew Beaudoin. Should have saw the faces of the rugrats when I spewed about dem kids need to pick up their toys, bikes n whatnot after they are done playing, don’t leave your stuff in my yard n your parents work too doggone hard for u child(ren) to be disrespecting the property they provide in our community. Went on n on about you just a babies and our kids are grown spew. Shrug shoulders…..I was stressing that day….n was not feeling no nonsense from little children antics in the community. NOPE!!!!! Child did not walk on our side of street n sidewalk for two weeks….evil eyed me with a inquisitive stare from across the street. Dem same kids now want to speak n talk to me…..YURP. I was told today by a neighbor….her daughter views me as her BFF…can’t wait to speak with Ms. Delores….adores that little girl. Growing sunflowers for her….ummmm doll use to pick me dandelions calling dem weeds a “sunflower. I told that beautiful child. Imma grow a sunflower for you to view from my yard princess…..Yeah.” The simple things…go on n on. “……on n on….YEAH!

Dem same children grow up around us in our hoods. Children are the future….a child will lead the way. I grew up hearing folks that  us children behind closed doors.: “In that day the wolf and the lamb will live together; the leopard will lie down with the baby goat. The calf and the yearling will be safe with the lion, and a little child will lead them all”. Isaiah 11:6

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