HIV Story After 30 Years of Watching

AIDS Quilt HIV Story After 30 Years of Watching

World AIDS DAY December 1,, 2010

Now that I am becoming an old head doll. I might as well keep it 100% with my youngsters and to my precious sons/nephews, nieces, friends, neighbors,  all  precious babies, relatives and friends, school mates, sponsors, shutterbugs, associates, colleagues and folks by association= A message for you naysayers that have problems with me being my kids stepparents + you asswipes, you know who you are..FUCK YOU and make sure you wear a raincoat out in the rain! ! Eventually I will do a video with the middle finger to naysayers but for now my words would have to suffice. My family don’t remember getting any donations, my child’s needs met, extra food, extra clothing, medication when we were all sick nor grants towards my children education nor their upbringing. Ya’all can kiss my step mommy black ass! These children are mine  and daddy “O” whether you like it or not, that would mean if I divorce their daddy. Ya’all folks talking ish sideways better get use to it! No one from the past generations of  1 -5-10-15- 20-25-30 years whisper shit in my ear nor my husband and kids…not sure what that was about nor why folks were on the hush hush? I just have to say this…denial is a bitch to be reckon with…that could mean anything to anyone reading thephotographer4you. I am not Oprah, Beyonce, Jay Z or any of those celebrity folks or none of those dolls or dudes ya’all choose to latch onto, etc……whomever do you praise?

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TRUST! Kill that bitch. noise spewing from your mouth. verbals somethings and that MF moment of denial before it comes knocking at your door. This is my HIV story after 30 years of watching it take my love ones from the sidelines and then some. ish..I have been through all this in my 46 years on earth. My children look at me sideways when I am telling them to wear condoms and to protect themselves…yeah, I am not your traditional parent. We keeps it real around these parts. Sista girl ain’t got time for the ignorance….neither do daddy O! The boys better not go out in the rain without a raincoat or it is their asses literally on the line…trust me. I don’t give a fuck if your gay, straight, transsexual, bisexual or hanging from the mailbox. Child please have enough sense to be protected when you    out there doing the DO! Gone are the days of going to the clinic to get a pill to fix shit…that was my generation and we almost missed the boat. #JUSTSAYING.

shut%2Bup HIV Story After 30 Years of Watching

FYI NOTE: My immediate family and friends would prefer that I keep my mouth shut…but they knew that I was mouthy mouth! They would tell me when I was growing up that I talk to much…YEAH! I didn’t care because all that mouthy mouth shit was said in love. My two sons, husband, sisters, brothers, relatives and friends constantly roll their eyes at me but most of those folks grew up during my generation and egg in their face. All I know is folks asses better be checking GYN records and getting chicks and dudes tested before they take off the raincoats. You know, the folks that  fall in love with the moment of sex, next comes the whispering, you know I am good, next thing you know, dicks are slinging, pussy wide open and no protection. WTF? No one check Medical, HIV, nor GYN records before they got down to the nitty gritty bare backing sex? A sista girl ain’t never felt none of that noise and still doesn’t, ain’t ashame of saying it either….STILL AIN”T NO CURE! Yeah, I had my moments but trust me I was down at the STD clinic in a panic…Uh Huh! Folks are right, I talk to much but now I am blogging too much! Blogging is that platform that allows me to get shit off my chest and talk out of pocket when I feel like it. I suppose it would matter who is reading my content? Some folks are not into my out of pocket content, nor do they find it entertaining but I can only speak from my perspective. I tend to be critical in a matter that may not appeal to the masses about photography, folks, celebrities, media, news, gossip, fashion, elite folks, politics, education and anything that strikes my fancy on that particular day the blog post is posted. OH freaking well…can’t please everyone. Don’t get me started with all of those company’s that endorse and sponsor folks that be on some different shit that makes folks foreheads wrinkles.

I am having a tearjerker moment in honor of December 1, World AIDS DAY!

Are you doing the damn thing? Otherwise a sista girl ain’t trying to hear ti….do you go running to the doctor for your yearly checkups? An twitch, itch and a moment of truth? That could be getting tested for HIV, Cancer, Breast Cancer, Colonoscopy, Mammograms, Prostrate cancer, recognizing your real gifts, looking in the mirror,gloating about things beyond your control, getting control of your weight, taking your medications for any illness, judging folks, Alzheimer’s disease, Strokes, Heart Attacks, drug abuse, getting past ignorance, stop being follow the leader on negativity, talking to the left, racist, poverty, finding yourself, being true to yourself and not others, in the closet because a family member got some issues, lying to folks, cheating, embarrassment from a past mistake, pedophile, abusing your kids, refusing to stay abreast of technology, reading, supporting groups within your own social group, family problems that folks have forgotten about, crabs in a barrel mentality and facing your own realities behind close doors Hell, it could be anything, etc.. #JUSTSAYING this because I am behind closed door missing beloved  folks that died from the virus HIV, ravaged by diabetes, took out of this world by a seizure due to epilepsy, sickle cell anemia, has a dysfunctional family tree, refusal to think outside of their race minded folks, thinking about the folks lurking on my cyberspace street and closed minded folks in the box shit! I felt like posting this in memory of my family, friends and love one around the world who lost their lives to AIDS. I hope everyone is having a positively lovely day!

I find that blogging can be an interesting place to reveal how one feel when one feel like expressing their feelings of  an particular moment and event! Please note this is only for those folks who choose to read the bantering of thephotographer4you. It requires folks to read and some of us don’t have it in us to read the script in a prescription until they about to meet their maker. Just note reading does the mind good.

One of the biggest things that fucks folks up is their refusal to remove themselves beyond their own limited and narrowed minded in the box thinking. I for one have been a free bird since I was at least 11 years old. I lost my Moms to epilepsy and there has always been guardians angels along the way to assist in my development. My moms was my number one girl and I knew and loved her dearly despite he idiocies and fallacies. Plus I love my foster moms just the same despite it all…I may not have agreed with her teaching but guess what…MOM was my guardian mom!

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If I had to keep it 100% with you younglings, I would say this. Yeah Sista girl was out there flying in the sky, chilling once she became an adult in her own abode, living, loving life, and found herself after her folks assisted in her development. Would I tell it all? Perhaps one day, pieces of a puzzle not perfect but an enjoyable experience. Was everything perfect? Hell NO! Matter of fact it was the worst upbringing if you ask me on a bad day when I was not getting my way. When I look back over my life…I would say it has been wonderful, bittersweet mixed with a lot of loss. Folks that I would have never imagine are gone to another place…those were the folks that listen to anything and everything I had to say or do. Lord knows I miss them. I am now attempting to build new relationships, new conversations and new memories. YES! I hang onto the real friendships and love that my beloved ones embraced me despite my flaws. Lord knows I miss them and I blamed GOD! You have no ideal the hole in my heart from the lost of a love one from AIDS, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Sickle Cell Anemia or the sudden tragedy of a love one. I move on daily pass the pain one step at a time, hoping to remember folks the way they were. Of course my heart bleeds and any human being that bleeds feels something? I remember a time I lost someone and I was in college. I was the worst, I went to school that day crying like someone died. I spoke to an administrator that day, tears streaming down my face while I sat there at her desk…YUP! I must have look like a basketcase..but I am totally a tear jerker girl. If someone knocked at my door right now, they would think someone died. Yes, someone has died, all the folks who died from the virus know as HIV known as the disease AIDS that has killed most of our love ones. R.I.P. World…you will never be forgotten!

questions HIV Story After 30 Years of Watching

Questions in the contact form I chose to entertain with an response?

FCUK UBTCH… AN. Really, that is all you got!

Angry black women? Hell no! I very aware black women who is aware that a cure has not been found for HIV in our society.

Do You Care about the sexuality of your children? Absolutely not as long as they protect their man goods because I would hate for them to come home crying that their flesh fell off.

AIDS is a gay thing? Oh really I don’t know why I am wasting my time answering this shit? It is a people’s disease.

So you tthinlk your all that? No not really just someone who has a voice simply like your lame ass comment.

FKU Bitch..? Really with a capital B and don’t you forget it!

Who the hell are you bitch? thephotographer4you is a black women located in Maryland who don’t give a fuck what you think about her black ass…however, you trying to do business? Of course my language would change to appease you’re stereotypical  ass. ( An diverse online gossip, photography, technology, news, politics and entertainment magazine with a fresh and irreverent tone. Our readership is increasing daily and is comprised of media-savvy professionals and opinion makers.

U B? All day long and wait to you see how I act on mWhy is your photography all that? thephotographer4you is not taking TFCD pictures, we do accept sponsorship, will continue to talk ish and anything else that we can write and photograph that appeals to our readership on this blog. NOTE: You are  looking for a free fee base type of photographer and most professional photographers charge for their services.

Y don’t know half of it. Wait to you see how I act on my period. Lord knows I am a beast without any medication. That is the wonderful part about being a women. I would not change it for anything in the world. What say you?

You bitch? YUP! I sure am and I hope there are more women and men who hold their balls in their hands that are…get use to it! Oh yeah, does not matter who you are, you’re not immune from the virus that causes AIDS!

Disclaimer: This is a message that I choose to keep it 100% for folks that don’t know me but think that they do that are on some different ish. OH Really! It really is that serious…some folk need a disclaimer. Let’s do business, don’t let the naysayers scare you away!

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