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husband and wife1 150x150 Profile: Who Is thephotographer4you?My name is Delores Young Randall. I am a freelance Digital Photographer and a blogger. I became a Certified Paralegal May 2008.

I am available for hire. Email inquiries,  job opportunities and employment notices to I reside in rural Maryland with my husband and two young alpha male children, our lovely dog and two domesticated cats.

I started thephotographer4you blog August 2008. I had been home recovering since 2004 from a work related injury. I needed something to keep my mind busy. Creating thephotographer4you website allow me to have an online journal, do something beside sitting here looking at my wall, get on my children and husband nerves, stay abreast of technology and hone my photography skills. Idle time is not a good thing for anyone, if anything it can drive one mad!

Writing this post was very daunting because it required me to be dig into myself and be straightforward about why someone would want to hire me as an photographer. I am not simply a women with a camera……I am a Digital Photographer. It took me a longtime to place this information into cyberspace…..this is my background work experience expanded into my own words that I probably wouldn’t include and say during an interview or on my resume. This is my personal experience mixed with my work references. This blog post was created to share my first cameras, technology and digital imaging education. My how things have really changed over the last ten years in Corporate America…..HP taught me that you have to re-invent yourself and that is what I am doing!

I started shooting with film in 80′s. I still own my Mamiya ZE-2

mamiya ZE 2 Profile: Who Is thephotographer4you?

Mamiya Z-Series – cameras were the last 35mm SLR’s produced by Mamiya. It was the first Japanese SLR to use an electronic coupling system to transmit information between the camera body and its interchangeable lenses. Previous interactions between lenses and camera bodies had been by mechanical pins, cams or levers. While many manufacturers were reluctant to make changes that would render their lenses obsolete, Mamiya aggressively pursued the new mount configuration. In addition, ergonomics, as applied to the functionality and use of the camera, began to play a stronger role in their design. Introduced in December 1980, the Mamiya ZE-2 continued the quartz-regulated metal focal plane shutter begun in the ZE. Both cameras have an automatic exposure with aperture priority and, once it is determined, the aperture setting on both can be locked. The ZE-2 added a shake-prevention warning and a shutter-speed dial, and allowed a manual override (you can’t select a shutter speed manually on the ZE). An electronic sensor coupled each lens to the camera through six gold contact points. The sensor automatically selected the slowest hand-held shutter speed possible for that focal length. The Mamiya ZE-2 was also rebranded and sold in Germany as the Revue AM. Like the ZE, the Mamiya ZE-2 requires four (4) MS76 or equivalent batteries. It also uses the same sharp, contrasty Mamiya-Sekor E or EF optics that were found in the entire Z-series. The ZE-2 is seen less often than its ZE cousin, it frequently brings a slightly higher price in auction.

Minolta 7000 Profile: Who Is thephotographer4you?

I was gifted with a Minolta 7000 – Before the Minolta 7000, Nikon, Canon, Pentax and Olympus had experimented with self-contained auto-focusing lenses that worked with their existing cameras and used their existing lens mounts. Minolta burst onto the scene in 1985 with their new in-body auto-focus camera system and changed the modern SLR camera forever. In rapid succession the company released three cameras (5000, 7000 and 9000) and several lenses to make a completely new fully featured AF system. For the next couple of years Minolta autofocus film cameras dominated the market.

In 1985 Minolta SLR was again voted as the “European Camera of the Year ” by EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association ). Maxxum 7000 is Minolta’s second SLR camera that has received such award. Minolta X-700 first snapped it back in 1981.

Minolta Maxxum 7000 (Minolta 7000 in Europe) is a successor to Minolta 700 what it comes to EISA Award but if you pass that and some similarities in the styling it is a totally different camera. For instance, Minolta, chose to change their mount completely and decided to drop support for the older MC/MD mount. The new fully electronic MA mount has no backward compatibility. Plastic composites are largely used as a body material, knobs and dials were replaced with push buttons and leds are changed to LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays).
For the next couple of years Minolta autofocus film cameras dominated the prosumer and amateur SLR market. Minolta Maxxum has manual, aperture priority, shutter priority, and program modes.

olympus is 1 Profile: Who Is thephotographer4you?

I found my Olympus in a second hand camera shop in Philadelphia called Midtown Cameras while hanging out with one of my best friends in Center City. The camera was introduced in 1990, premiered the all-in-one camera concept with the IS-1 and introduced ultra-thin endoscope systems for angioscopy. I love that camera….it was a favorite and durable too! It has since retired to the drawer, it served me well!

EOS 5D Profile: Who Is thephotographer4you?

EOS 50D Profile: Who Is thephotographer4you?

Now  I am strictly shooting high resolution digital images with my Canon EOS 50D and 5D Mark II digital cameras. Until I can purchase one of these….beautiful cameras.

I have not always been a freelance digital photographer and blogger.: Eight years of my life was spent representing, selling companies goods, solutions and services to the public to increase revenue within my assigned geographical area. I was a telecommuter during the entire span. Back in the day companies outsourced their employees from Marketing companies like BDS Marketing, MarketSource, MarketStar and Campaigners. All of these companies would receive a contract and outsource the employees to blue chip technology companies which may not have lasted more than a few months to 2-3 years in length. Once you were hire to represent a company, the company would train the employee and explain their expectations and requirements for you fulfilled in the assigned territories. Overall this meant increasing their bottom line and training the world about their products.

In the early 90′s I started in promotional products which included a lot of selling products. This would involve dealing with the general public. I worked for a product and promotion company called Scavenger Hunt. Personally this was one of my most difficult gigs because it involve a lot of poker face with my mouth literally frozen into a permanent smile.

  • Accountable for selling and servicing sales promotions, marketing programs and events to local, regional and national accounts, manufactures and direct marketers.
  • Generated leads by cold calling and prospecting small and large businesses.
  • Researched competitive data to identify valuable prospects.
  • Compiled and qualified lead list from researched information.
  • Created and wrote sales proposals and presentations.

MarketStar outsourced my skills, abilities and training background to IBM Solutions. That was a sweet gig but at the time I was the only minority on the sales team for a long time among a group of old white men who were experts in the computing industry….that felt weird to say the least. I was trained to promote Hardware, laptops, servers, and the software Lotus. That all came crashing down when IBM decided to move their solutions and services to be sold strictly online and move to Canada. Imagine receiving a telephone call from your  Regional Sales Manager telling you not to fly to Raleigh, North Carolina because the entire sales team across the country is no longer needed….that was not a good day. Being in the sales and marketing industry….a lot of heartless individuals and companies who only care about the bottom line at the end of the day. It was not personal I was told by manager….Again the training prove to invaluable and appreciate the opportunity once I got over the initial shock. I did get to keep all of my home office equipment which was suppose to soften the blow.

I wasn’t unemployment that long either because I was assigned to represent Corel Products which ended a few months. Training were held  at the Company’s headquarters located in Ottawa, Canada. I attend several of the trainings and found the experience interesting because it was always held in Canada. With this company the team represented the entire software line…….back in the day we use to give away Corel Draw 8 and WordPectfect to promote brand awareness.

Belkin had to be the most boring assignment I had ever had while working with MarketSource…because all the company really wanted was merchandisers but I guess they forgot to include that in the memo.

APC  wanted representatives to flood the market with surge protectors. APC was pounded into my head to the point I wanted to gag. Needless to say I wouldn’t dream of not owning a surge protector today….APC is my favorite because they live up to their reputation and they are sturdy.

  • Managed retail sales and product presentations to direct and indirect buying accounts.
  • Secured retail shelf appearance and merchandising of computer and consumer electronics in mass merchandisers, large warehouses in the multi-county areas surrounding Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland.
  • Trained retail sales associates, back office corporate staff and end users on new and existing product features and benefits.
  • Performed demo days scheduled by client at reseller locations. Installed POP materials and displays reset Plano-grams and maintained reseller accounts.
  • Tracked client information, collected and reported visit data/competitive information via electronic call reports. Surveyed and forecast information.

Imagine my first visit to Utah….it was strange sitting in the airport. I did not see any black people at all! I had a short stint with a company called Mindshare ……they basically let me go after they used me up…..I represent all of Toshiba products during my short tenure with the company. I don’t have any recollection about the company it was really that short….I probably need to call human resource to find out my dates of employment. I am mentioning them because I was trained about to promote the  Toshiba brand which the company made all of the employees pay for their own laptops out of their paychecks at the time. The salary was excellent though….again one of those contract gigs.

I continued on my grind in the late 90′s because new products had to be introduced into the marketplace. Plus I was eager to work for any of the marketing companies that represented blue chip technology. I was outsourced by BDS Marketing to Thomas Electronics to represent the RCA and Proscan product line.  Representatives were trained in Indianapolis to learn all about the inside guts of Televisions, DVD players and sound systems. That gig lasted a good nine months. It was over for everyone once the product was put into the Radioshack stores. It was great exposure and the opportunity to learn about High Definition and working with HD video…..I waited to purchase a flat screen because back then they were still experimenting with HD video and in my humble opinion it was first generation that was overpriced and had too many glitches…now we have flat screen televisions with surround sound gracing our homes that are fairly priced for the consumer to purchase……again one of those contract gigs

  • Represented Thomson Consumer Electronic products and sales in over 88 retail locations throughout the Metro DC/MD markets.
  • Responsible for informal and formal product training of retail sales associates, territory management and product training.
  • Merchandising and assisted with sales and product demonstrations to consumers.

970751204 00225f618d m 150x150 Profile: Who Is thephotographer4you?I followed the national sales team over to a marketing company based out of Ogden, Utah called MarketSource. Allegedly MarketStar had loss the HP contract to MarketSource. I was outsourced by MarketSource to worked as an Hewlett Packard Territory Manager. Once we were thoroughly trained to promote the HP brand to the public by attending all National Sales Conferences….we wore our HP badges with honor, well at least I did.  HP was the company that introduced me to digital imaging and thoroughly trained their sales team to promote the new digital imaging products made by Hewlett Packard. HP is a leading global provider of technologies, solutions and services to consumers and businesses. My role was to cross train end-users, big box managers  and part-time event demonstrators on their entire product line in the field. At the time Hewlett Package national sales team was responsible for introducing it entire product line into the marketplace. Hewlett Packard trained their entire company on every product they made and sold to the general public. The training and national sales meetings were fabulous.. I could not get that type of training from any school even if I paid for it. The products included Laptops, Desktops, Handhelds, Entertainment Center, Monitors, digital cameras C100-812, paper, printers, scanners,  and software products. It was absolutely a great experience when Carly Fiorina was CEO of HP until things started to fall apart at the top and the company merged with Compaq.

I had a short stint with Apple Computers. I was let go because I could not work on Black Friday. The Apple campus is an inspiration for all of the employees who walk through their doors….the sales team attend the Apple University of training to learn the entire Apple product line. I loved that job and the products were awesome to work with too! I literally cried my eyes out and begged to keep my job but the Regional Sales manager at the time refuse to allow me another chance to prove my worth. To think I left the HP team to go and work for the Apple team… was great while it lasted. I had come full circle with my training with both the PC and MAC platforms. The debate continues among which platform is the best among these two groups…..I like them both.

  • Recruited, supervised and trained part-time event sales staff.
  • Cross-trained internal and external customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Exerted influence in the development of overall objectives and long-range goals of the organization.
  • Established organizational reporting relationships and operating policies and procedures.
  • Introduced new products, expanded sales and distribution of Hewlett Packard products.
  • Installed POP and POS material and or service display cases and end caps.
  • Tracked store visit data, competitive and client information via electronic call report. Surveyed and forecast information.

Staples found my resume on and offered me the opportunity to work as a Business Development Associate. I gladly accepted the gig. Much to my delighted the job was commission structured in additional to a salary along with all of the same job perks from my previous positions. The job ended when I injured my knees, back and hip.

  • Implemented sales strategy and ensured the company met revenue and profit objectives through targeted prospecting.
  • Called on decision-makers within accounts and scheduled face-to-face contact with prospective buyers.
  • Managed the transition of new accounts to designated Account Managers.
  • Developed new business primarily through in-person contacts, phone follow-up, and presentations.

I established thephotographer4you and shoot paid events and enjoy being a freelance photographer and blogger.

thephotographer4you™, LCC

Certified that thephotographer4you, LLC is a limited liability company existing under ad by the virtue of the laws of the state of Maryland, and that the limited liability company is at the time of this certificate in good standing to transact business effective since January 07, 2010

The trade name thephotographer4you is registered effective 12-28-09

Legally registered with Department of Assessments and Taxation Business Services and Finance Division Room 809, 301 West Preston Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Trademark certification will be updated soon! There is a lot of paperwork involved in this process.

Proof of certification to conduct business as an photographer in the state of Maryland can be supplied by thephotographer4you by request by contacting or contacting the above entity for verification.:

Owner of the website thephotographer4you Delores Randall filed the paperwork to established the legal status of the LLC and trademark to operate and conduct business in the state of Maryland.


  • Prince George’s Community College Alumni
    Information Systems
  • University of Maryland Alumni
    Criminal Justice/Criminology 114 credits
  • Frederick Community College Alumni
    Paralegal Associate and Certificate Program, ABA Approved
  • Lambda Epsilon Chi Paralegal Honor Society Inductees
  • Frederick Community College Paralegal Association Photographer
  • National Paralegal Association

Paralegal Coursework:

  • Criminal Law in Action
  • Ethics for the Legal Professional
  • Contracts
  • Law & Technology
  • Legal Research
  • Law of Real Estate Business
  • Evidence & Procedure (Civil)
  • Legal Writing & Documents
  • Family Law
  • Business Law I & II
  • Estates & Probate
  • Entrepreneurship/Small Bus Enterprise
  • Tort
  • Human Relations

I am a self taught film photographer and my early learning  about digital imaging training I derived from Hewlett Packard, Apple, textbooks and magazines. I am continually on the grind and always soaking up knowledge because my brain is like a sponge…..absorb the important stuff and ring out the excess junk! I long to stay abreast no matter what is going on around me….it is important to one very existence in our society to continue to develop our thinking and keeping abreast with new technical skills and current events….you don’t need to go to school to do that is my mantra.

****Update periodically….Last updated February 2010

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