Twitters and Bloggers Let Your Voices Be Heard

150x100 Twitters and Bloggers Let Your Voices Be Heard
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There are plans to cut school buses nationwide to reduce the budget. According to the statistics there are 50 million children that are bus every year with 20% fatalities of those who are bused and 800% fatalities of those children who are not bused. That is a huge number of children who are harmed every year. Parents will need to sound off  ASAP to avoid this budget from being passed. This is the time for twitters and bloggers nationwide who have children that ride school buses to sound off on their blogs about this budget cut. There is strength in numbers and now is the time to put up or shut up. When this budget is passed by the Education Department of Transportation there won’t be much that can be done. They are aware that there are safety concerns and the danger of predictors snatching your kids off of the road. Stand up and make a difference. This is one budget that should not be passed. This means that there will be job cuts as they slash the budget that they claim will allow them to provide a quality education for your child and keep teachers from losing their jobs. Bus drivers will be losing their jobs in huge numbers as they collect more of our tax dollars.This recession is not joke…time for people to voice their concerns over this budget cut, this will put our children in harms way if they are forced to walk to school in rural, secluded wooded areas and amongst city folks who may not have the best interest of our children at heart.

CNN reported this news today although it has been happening around the world. Now is the time for twitters and bloggers to use their platform for something beside celebrity fodder, boasting and down right nonsense. Use it to bring awareness to social issues. Use the platform to contact your local congressman and women.

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