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There are tons of work from home jobs and grant information for sell on the Internet. You should not be paying to get a job or a grant, especially in this risky economy. There are a lot of people out there losing their jobs, losing their careers and losing their livelihood. Some people are not sure what to do next, well start a job search on the job boards or start your own business. Start doing that thing you always wanted to but couldn’t because you were working for someone else. These are websites that I looked at for jobs and grants from time to time. I found these websites to be the most promising in your search for your next gig or grant. I know that there is still the most advertised, Career-builders and Craigslist to look at for your job search. I have been on those sites for years and still have not found my dream job from searching on their job boards. They are not getting any more jobs than any other job board on the Internet. I found my last job five years ago on My resume has been on these sites for years. I am still waiting for a flood of interviews that have never came. Life goes on……….just keep putting one foot in front of the other and pray for a better day! Pardon the lack of a direct link. Just copy and paste into the url and you will be taken directly to the website content.

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Check your Local Library

Catalog for Federal Domestic Assistance ***Nationwide search this website allows you to post your resume and companies post job available

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