An Opportunity To Get Educated While Unemployed

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President Barack Obama has just signed a piece of paper to help some of us poor unemployed working class folks “An Opportunity To Get Educated” while unemployed and collecting a government check. Considering that half of the world employment force has sh-rinked due to the recession and many companies jumping on the our bank books are drained bandwagon as an excuse to clean house. It has left a lot of workers unemployed, discouraged, broken down and feeling hopeless. Perhaps going back to school is just what the doctor and President Obama ordered for you to get your self esteem, I want to kill myself today, jump off a bridge mentality, motivation and getting a will to continue to live in this recession mess…..You know we all need to be ready for all those green jobs that are about to hit the classifieds any moment now. Now I wonder what is President Obama’s  plan going to be about helping students with student loans? In the meantime in between gospel spirituals, hip hop, baby momma drama, wondering how to stand strong during this recession and reading gossip tabloid trash blogs; I am heading to the nearest university or public college to reinvent myself. What about you…? icon eek An Opportunity To Get Educated While Unemployed

WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Obama announced new steps to help unemployed Americans on Friday, targeting people who are out of work and want to go back to school. The government has started a Web site with information on the plan:

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Obama Proposes Unemployed Get Grants

Obama announces new doors for unemployed

Federal Business Opportunities

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