Housing Bailout Plan For Regular Folks

Up to 9 million families/folks will be eligible to benefit from President Obama’s mortgage bailout plan for regular folks. People will be able to restructure or refinance their mortgage to avoid foreclosure. Our president is doing everything he can to keep the United States afloat. It is very weird that he would inherit this trillion dollar deficit from the previous administration (s). I am sure it is hard to pinpoint when the economy started crashing. Who knew banks were having huge  issues? I should have known something was fishy when some of my credit card lines were decreased based on no reason and gas prices were soaring.  The president just moved into the Presidency role and the White House this January 2009. President Obama and the working class people were not aware of this horrible economic nightmare that is depicting the great depression. All hell broke lose once President Obama was officially the President of the United States.The only thing that may prevent and become an issue for homeowners is their ability to pay their mortgage note due to unemployment. It is going to be hard to benefit from this housing bailout plan when people are losing their jobs across the United States, thieves are coming out of the woodwork’s accused of fraud and shady behavior, the $50 million dollar scammer is smiling in his pricey apartment and calling the jilted people he stole money from. a…..blank blank!!! I wonder why the SEC waited so long to catch that allege $50 million thief SOB, Madoff. SEC had to notice something was wrong, right?

FHA Program

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President Obama Plan Feb 2009


Housing Example Sheet

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