Don’t Waste Your Time on Bullshit

time Dont Waste Your Time on Bullshit

I had a stint. A moment in the Apple University. Damn…Steve Jobs is gone gone too soon. I got fire from the contractor team > contractor team. I love representing Apple products. Cried like a baby. Discrimination on full blast. Left promoting HP products thinking I had a opportunity. I want to curse now that i think bout it. Long story….I begged for my job. I knew I was going to be let go. I should have stayed with being a representative for HP. Justsaying…..the team went down hill after I jump ship but still.

I loved my sales career. Loved promoting products. solutions and services until I fucked up my knee. Then I became a wash. DAMN…..

Thrown away in the wash. WHOAH! Such a wake up call!

I will never forget “Chris Johnson” that drove 3 of us to New York when 9/11 happen n he drove the DMV team back to Maryland. NOPE…never will forget the team n the look on their faces. YEAH! NEVER!


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