Dem Pubs Prefer a Default

cr debt Dem Pubs Prefer a Default

American retirees and the working class are a hot topic on the house floor….if I did not know any better. Dem pubs are setting the American people up for a recession > 21st century depression? Sure does sounds like it. All the efforts of Mr. President Barack Obama to move this country forward. Senator Ted Cruz and his cronies have taken the government hostage n Office of Speaker Boehner no longer has house floor power. Don’t believe me. Listen to dem pubs on the house floor C-Span live. If dem pubs do not get their way they prefer default. There are a lot of debt ceiling denials. Who are those people? There are people that would not believe shit stinks if it sat inside their nose. No need in trying to convince them folks. Move on and save yourself! We are like a blind folded man walking off a cliff. America will run out of money on October 17th. If these folks do not get it together. America is broke and will be in default on its debt. Is that clear enough for you? To the haters > take a goddamn back seat n shut up. The fat cats that are laughing all the way to the bank want folks to dumb down n fight among-st themselves. Be mindful if the seniors, middle class and poor folks fall…..guess what we all fall and the rich folks won’t be too far behind. Domino effect. These people are talking about we have not dealt with entitlements. Oh really now….remember when President Obama said everyone should pay their fair share? Big corporations did not want to pay. They wanted to keep their entitlements. Now dem pubs want to squeeze poor folks that have nothing left to give.

Every one is at risk. Damn shame.

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