Chrysler Bailout after Cashing Bailout Check

 Chrysler Bailout after Cashing Bailout Check

It not like we didn’t see this one coming, just think they took $4 billion dollars of that bailout money. This falls under they should have let their asses just tumble down like the folks who are losing their homes, jobs and retirement. Chrysler knew when they were cashing that bailout check they were going to close the doors to damn near all of the dealerships around the country. I wonder if President Obama is somewhere cursing up a storm that he has been suckered by the good old boys to unleash the tax payers hard earned tax and social security dollars. It sucks to be him now! He can’t bailout out every corporation especially the ones who will do the people dirty…now what about the peoples bailout plan?

In court documents filed this morning before U.S. Bankruptcy Court here, Chrysler asked Judge Arthur Gonzalez for approval to reject dealership agreements it has with 789 dealers across the country.

Local Chrysler dealers on the chopping block include Laurel Dodge, Montrose Motors in Germantown, Reed Brothers Dodge in Rockville, Westside Dodge in Potomac, Darcars Of Fairfax, Dulles Motor Cars in Leesburg and Gunning Motors in Manassas.

Chrysler, which has received $4 billion in federal loans, has been operating in bankruptcy protection since April 30. The automaker is rushing to pare down its business and cut costs. Read more

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