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Go figure….u huh! Ross Perlin has written a book entitled “Intern Nation How to Earn Nothing and Learn Little in the Brave New Economy” that takes a realistic look at the role of internships in today’s groups of vultures willing to take advantage of naive folks. The book is published by Verso, publisher Slavoj Zizek and Fredric JamesonPerlin, a former unpaid intern himself, contends that American companies are taking advantage of college students who believe that internships, paid or otherwise, are the only way to land a job in today’s economy. He estimates that each year 1 to 2 million persons take “resume embellishment” internships to increase the likelihood of downstream employment or use you up because folks don’t know any better. Someone else feels the same way I do about the freebie ride and write about the reality of internship’s and giving up themselves all the name of exposure for that dream gig. The book has 11 chapters which discuss the myth that interns earning academic credits which fall outside of the Fair Labor Standards Act, which guarantees a minimum wage for all U.S. workers. The author is outrage….some folks must have thought I had three eyes when I mention…”screw all that freelance photography freebie nonsense”; uh huh! It is one thing to volunteer for a good or great cause but another thing to be used by folks! #Justsaying


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