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 Blog Spotlight | LinkUp Job SearchI would love to snap pictures all day and blog on thephotographer4you. There is that grueling task of searching for my next gig and it is not just going to happen searching on Craigslist. No one said it is easy to get back into the game but every stone left unturned could be a missed job opportunity…finding a job is not as simple as a few clicks of a mouse. According to Peter Weddle, executive director of the International of Employment Websites, there are more than 50,000 job boards in the United States alone. “You name it, there’s a job board for it” he says. That’s a lot of boards to filter through and someone of them are questionable? Happy job hunting and don’t give up searching for your next gig no matter how dire straits things appear….your next job could be one click away on LinkUp.

The difference between LinkUp and other job sites on the web is that we only list jobs from company websites. Companies interested in getting their jobs on LinkUp must send us the URL of their company website so we can link to them. This allows us to maintain a much higher quality database of jobs than you will find on any other job search site on the web today. There are no outdated jobs that have already been filled, no ads posted by recruiters and headhunters, and no identity thefts or work-at-home scams. LinkUp will always generate the highest quality jobs available. .:

LinkUp is the new and unique job search engine that only lists jobs taken directly from company websites. We call them “hidden jobs” because they are typically unadvertised outside of company websites and can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look.

When you search for a job on LinkUp, you are actually searching over 22,379 company websites. These are always current openings – if a company adds or removes a job from their website, so do we. There are never stale or out-dated listings on LinkUp.

All of our job listings are from real companies. You won’t find work-at-home scams, recruiters, or staffing agencies. You also won’t find the same job listed multiple times from different sources. We point you directly to the single source for the job – the company website. If you choose to apply to a position you do so directly to the employer.


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