99% Faces On Occupy Streets Are White Folks

2 99% Faces On Occupy Streets Are White Folks


Please note beautiful white skinned people…my comments are not personal. I am simply speaking from an African American perspective and what I  am viewing from my television and computer screer. Be careful on the streets people! Any occupy street is some scary shit…please consider the repercussion folks. It is really beginning to become a war zone…in some of the counties and states. SHIT IS THAT REAL ON THE STREETS!

It would be remiss of me to not notice that most of the faces on Occupy Wall Street are white folks. I am not certain about what I am suppose to think about this but one thing is for certain; Folks from around the globs all have a story to tell about being unemployed. Folks are pissed off about the economy, lost pensions, retirements, and their plight in our society. This is sort of the same story that most African Americans, black and brown skin folks have been fussing about all their natural born life


Note: I am glad these youngsters are willing to go head to head with the establishment….my ass is getting old. Justsaying….

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If I had to keep it 100% I do not encourage anyone to stand in the line of fire but I do digress…the stories, the plight of our American people are disheartening and we all need to stand up to be heard. How are you lending your voice to eradicate change? All I can remember is when African Americans stood up for their rights in this country. They were beat down, pepper sprayed, sent to the back of the bus, lost jobs, and a whole lot of shit that make my hair stand up on the back of my neck. Fast forward to the 21st century……we are still fighting for injustices and this time we are expected to get in line with a whole bunch of white folks that feel the same way we did back in the civil right era. Go figure….WTH and WTF! So this is the future Martin Luther King and his followers all fought for…welcome to the 21st century baby!

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99% Faces On Occupy Streets Are White In A Town Near You…..yes they are because I believe black and brown folks fear for their life and they were not privy to the same “Bill of Rights” afforded to white folks. There is no way in hell you will see a mass of black and brown folks rallying in the streets. NOT! We already know how the police treat our happy black asses when we stand up for our rights. Now I look in horror at my television screen how tear gas and police brutality is being enforced in the peaceful crowds…..my goodness. Why would I tell anyone to join and occupy any street near them?

 99% Faces On Occupy Streets Are White Folks

Justsaying…. when I was growing up I have always heard if anything effects white folks then the world would change. I guess that is what I am witnessing today on televison. I suppose it took white folks to lose their jobs, pension, cushy retirement funds and what nots before they would notice that they are in the same position as the working class African American people in this country. I am not trying to sound salty but I guess this is the shake up that most Americans did not see coming from their doorsteps….hmmm!

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