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1. Failure Is Never Final “As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him; for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust.”1 Yesterday—or any other day—may have been the final day of your divorce, the day you were rejected, or the day you lost or buried a loved one; but as difficult as it seems right now, and as extremely sad as it is, in time it can become a day of new beginnings. Be gentle with yourself but do begin the grieving process as soon as possible so you will be able to resolve your pain. To do this effectively, there are several valuable qualities that will help you to face the future as uncertain as it may seem right now. 1. Have the right attitude. Attitude is what makes the difference between a painful experience becoming a failure or a success. You can allow your experience to leave you timid and afraid to step out again for fear of being hurt, or you can determine that your loss will be your teacher. True, we need mountaintop experiences from time to time to encourage us, but we don’t grow through these. It’s in the valley of disappointment that we are given the opportunity to take stock of our life and move toward a greater level of growth and maturity. 2. Know what your purpose in life is. The more clearly defined that purpose is—and the more deeply it is embedded in your conscious and unconscious mind—the less loss will set you back. A spacecraft en route to the moon is off course 90 percent of the time. It is pulled back by the earth’s gravity and is continually drawn to one side or the other by additional forces. But it has a built-in computer that has a singleness of purpose that homes in on the moon. The computer is making continual corrections to keep the spacecraft on target with its purpose and goal.
I receive emails from time to time that peak my attention that I simply want to share with the readership of this blog. This is one of those emails……..thought provoking….. Really if you thought about it long enough you would know that failure is not an option. I don’t care how bad the situation looks, feels or sound like, its not over and it is not that serious….who knows that’s just me. Keep your heads up and keep the faith no matter how dire the situation.
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  • ejeanswin

    Getting an email from @winthropalumni about homecoming saying “come home to Winthrop this fall” makes me want to cry. I miss that place!

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    @rinofused manda por dm teu msn ou email pra eu mandar depois

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    I’m walking around listening to music, trying to send an email, and I hit the knee that’s been bothering me on the dresser #clutz

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    @K_isanasshole I will read it and then do it again then I will email you the review