What Exactly Is Black History Month?

blackhis4 What Exactly Is Black History Month?

I am a 46 year old African American woman that has watched from the sidelines and on my television screen year after year since I can remember about the struggles of selected token African Americans. I watched the reruns of television shows about the same African American folks that are now deceased. I respect their contributions to all of our struggles. About now I am bored…I can rewrite the story simply from watching the same old shows. These honorable African American folks have paved a way for the new generation of African Americans that allegedly was suppose to help folks from different ethnic backgrounds get along.

What about the African American people who are living today? It would be awesome to hear from any network honoring the notable African Americans who are LIVING today and not folks seeking publicity; Dr. Maya Angelou, Ruby Dee, Colin Luther Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Kathleen Battle, Virginia Johnson, Susan Taylor, Whoopi Goldberg, Spike Lee,  Debbie Allen, Morgan Freeman and the list of the African American living during ” Black History Month” who contribute and stay on their grind despite it all. What about discussing the President Barack Obama during Black History Month? I am sure that there are African Americans who struggled to make a different in our society have a powerful story to share for the next generation of African Americans.

Truth be told most African Americans have a story to tell that would make some of our mouths twist in surprise and would have us gasping for our breath. Heck some other ethnic groups have a story that would make most African American stories look like pop scotch. Same old shit nothing but a different year of the same ole’ rhetoric…and we wonder why our current generation is looking at us with a side eye? I am 46 years old and I am looking at folks like they have a bogey hanging out their noses.

What is extremely weird to me is that folks done lost their damn minds since we have an African American president. Perhaps I was not paying attention to all the bantering when folks was calling Bill Clinton the first African American president. Folks dumb ed down despite his skin color…perhaps it was because Clinton played a saxophone, hung with the brothers and sisters in Harlem, got jiggy with it or lord knows what? I was not privy to hang with that insider circle but one thing is for certain. Former President Bill Clinton was not black nor was the old folks I know privy to anything he was doing. I have mad respect for him but at the end of the day….he was not the first black “President of the United States”. Lord knows that must feel really weird now that there is actually a multi-cultural man in office. I can only imagine the conversations Clinton is having behind close doors.

black history month What Exactly Is Black History Month?

I am beginning to think African Americans must die before we give them any credence for their contributions to our society? What the heck is up with that? And we wonder why folks are losing their damn minds and pointing the middle finger? I sure as hell am pointing the middle finger….at a few folks and the media.

black history month 270x300 What Exactly Is Black History Month?

What exactly is black history month? In my humble opinion, black history month is some man made media event to slap dead black folks on the wrist for their contributions. But what about the 11 months in the year? You don’t hear doo doo di squat! It’s like that huh? It really is not a black thing…really. How could it be when the minorities (black) population only make up small proportion of our society. I learned that in History class that African Americans only make up 9% of our society but yet there are comparisons and disparities made everyday according to statistics and the media. The entire minority shit is a JOKE! Most companies hire minorities to meet a quota. What most folks don’t pay attention to is WOMEN from all ethnic backgrounds are an minority and this has nothing to do with RACE! Really! All women from all ethnic backgrounds are considered an minority….YUP! Most corporations meet their equal opportunity quota simply by hiring an women. That has nothing to do with being an African American nor does it mean anything in terms of hiring more black folks in their company.

black history month What Exactly Is Black History Month?

Black History Month started in 1926 as “Negro History Week.” Carter Godwin Woodson, an NAACP leader, the NAACP celebrated its 100th anniversary in January 2009 and was instrumental in getting the official celebration recognized by Congress.

obama36544L What Exactly Is Black History Month?

I can’t imagine what it is like to be an the first living African American president of the United States and eating the backlash from naysayers?

Black History Month What Exactly Is Black History Month?

The month of February was selected because both Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, champions of the struggle for African American equality, were born in that month.

Here are excerpts from the words of President Obama recognizing the observance of Black History Month:
Nearly 100 years after the Civil War, African Americans still faced daunting challenges and indignities. Widespread racial prejudice inhibited their opportunities, and institutional discrimination such as ‘black codes’ and Jim Crow laws denied them full citizenship rights. Despite these seemingly impossible barriers, pioneering African Americans blazed trails for themselves and their children. They became skilled workers and professionals. They purchased land, and a new generation of black entrepreneurs founded banks, educational institutions, newspapers, hospitals, and businesses of all kinds.

This month, we recognize the courage and tenacity of so many hard-working Americans whose legacies are woven into the fabric of our Nation. We are heirs to their extraordinary progress. Racial prejudice is no longer the steepest barrier to opportunity for most African Americans, yet substantial obstacles remain in the remnants of past discrimination. Structural inequalities—from disparities in education and health care to the vicious cycle of poverty—still pose enormous hurdles for black communities across America.

Overcoming today’s challenges will require the same dedication and sense of urgency that enabled past generations of African Americans to rise above the injustices of their time. That is why my Administration is laying a new foundation for long-term economic growth that helps more than just a privileged few.

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