Video of the Day | Class of 2010 Commissioning

hqdefault Video of the Day | Class of 2010 CommissioningClass of 2010 Commissioning Ceremony on May 25th, 2010 4:30 p.m. The opening remarks by Major Greg Thornton. Guest and family members participated in the pinning on of their graduate’s 2nd Lieutenant shoulder boards. Pictures are taken by other officers while the parent pin on the boards and during the reading of the Oath of Office.

1. Michael J. Albert                                  2. Jonathan M. Benson       3. Anthony W. Blankenberger             4. Aaron J. Brugman

5. Keane A. Carpenter                             6. Frederick M. Diederich   7. Stacey L. Fenton      8. Paul E. Gannett     9. Ryan S. Gipson

10. Christopher L. Hartman        11. William Tyler Jensen     12. Corey R. Lohmiller    13. Nicole R. Mancos   14. Gordon J. Randall

15. Scott W. Robinson   16. Wayne F. Salls   17. Jessica M. Schafer   18. Jason M. Sewell   19. Kristen L. Smith

20. Morgan L. Trevarthen    21. Joseph N. Walz

Squandron 29  took their oath in front of their family and friends.:

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