Understand This : The Golden Years Can Kiss My Ass.

aging Understand This : The Golden Years Can Kiss My Ass.

And you know that is right. The Golden Years Can Kiss My Ass.

And you know that is right. The Golden Years Can Kiss My Ass. Let some folks tell it folks over a certain age are old, outdated and no longer useful in society. Who lied to these people? Who the fuck are these people that proclaim folks over 35 years are no longer useful? Asswipes without a clue. YUP!

dr seuss Understand This : The Golden Years Can Kiss My Ass.

Be Yourself

All I know is after the age of the 40 years old. Life takes a turn and twist no one taught me about in any textbook, church and growing up. Life has a way of teaching whatever you need to learn on its own accord.

  • KARMA ~ is really a bitch. Karma will come for your ass when you least expect it. Especially when you cross praying folks…GOD’s got our back. A praying person will get out of pocket, emotion but under their breath. They will be talking to their lord and Savior saying “GOD’S” got this. It may take a minute, a year or two but “GOD’S got this. Watch how you roll and treat folks along your long and winding paths. I always said no matter how dirty, doggy and dog me in the butt. Karma got some shit for folks assess. I’ve learned I don’t need to do shit to make a wrong right, shit will take care of itself. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned all I have to do is sit there and eat popcorn and watch. Yeah, I am a trip and a whole lot of things but Karma got something for asses that think they have the upper hand. TRUST & BELIEVE! Fuck with one of God’s children and see what happen….KARMA will handle it. Know that…..that is the most important thing to learn when aging. Don’t fuck with people the wrong way and treat people accordingly. Justsaying…Wisdom is knocking at your door.
  • My nose became open up and my sinus flare at the sound of bullshit.
  • I smell flowers and stink a lot better.
  • Folks are no longer who they appear to be.
  • Being an celebrity is overrated and does not mean you have money….
  • Have courage is more important than being liked by anyone and that includes family.
  • The GOP does not like nor love working class people.
  • Politics are really politricks.
  • Kids are not suppose to rule the chicken house. I can’t tell you how many folks I’ve met that give me the side eye that question my (step) parenting skills. Told me I am not the sort of person that would do well with kids. Screw them….my kids turned out fine despite what anyone says behind my back. Our children already know how we roll up in this crib….they betta not come up in this crib with ANY nonsense despite if I was the imperfect parent. Why they think I am teaching them a little something something…HA?
  • Believe only your own voice and not what you hear from others.
  • I do not trust the nice guy.
  • Intuition is real and to believe your gutt feeling no matter what anyone says.
  • Fake and chemical hair vs. natural hair. Leave all that shit alone after the age of 25 years old or your ass will be bald and a prisoner of weaves and wigs. YUP! Does not matter what you’re race is either…hair is hair. You will go bald headed and be sitting in front of your mirror looking simple minded or shaving your scalp.
  • Everyone’s advice is not real advice.
  • You swear more after a few more life experiences. TRUST & BELIEVE! Life will make you curse at the wayward folks.
  • Diet really is important. I watched my daddy, Aunt and multiple family members health fail from illnesses and diseases. That shit is real. Don’t get a grip on your health and your golden years will be shit if you live long enough.
  • I am not ashamed of saying I have an orgasm.
  • Go on a freaking diet, exercise, pop vitamins, take administer medications but get a grip on your freaking health if you want a certain quality of health. TRUST & BELIEVE! Shit can get really real and fast….YUP!
  • Sex ain’t always great nor the boom diggity.
  • Speaking up in the bed room becomes sexually satisfying for both parties.
  • Sex ain’t suppose to last for hours. WTF….are we running a bedroom marathon?
  • Racist is bullshit. If they squirt blood that is yellow, green, blue or purple. RUN as fast as your legs can carry you. Hopefully you will escape…
  • Husbands are very cool dudes….damn I could have married dude sooner. Justsaying…..
  • Marriage is an job but no one warned me. Now I understand why women receive social security after becoming an widow.
  • Most folks are not smarter than me. Most folks will not pick up a book to read to save their life nor read a street sign…dang. Dunce….
  • I can wear what the hell I want and how I want. Even if it is 20 years old. They call that vintage….HA!
  • Student loans, credit cards and an mortgage could become an curse when you don’t have an job.
  • Getting credit cards and an mortgage are overrated. I feel very hoodwinked unless I hit the lottery or PCH sweepstakes. Somebody lied…YUP!
  • Filing bankruptcy is the American way. Newt Gingrich comes to mind. Hell if he can do it…we all can free ourselves of debt. Jackass….
  • That most brands are overpriced.
  • My ethnicity is not a curse. I am always going to black and there ain’t nothing I can do about it. I accept being a black woman. LOVE IT!
  • Black people are beautiful people. YES we are….everytime I look in the mirror. I am like “damn you a fine chocolate woman.”
  • Attending church does not make you save. I can holla at God anywhere but fellowship comes from attending the right church. hmmmmm
  • I am a very cool and ignorant black woman. But not dumb as an doorknob or Ms. Skanky ass.
  • It is OK to say “I don’t give a flying fuck. I really don’t give a damn what anyone and I mean anyone thinks of Delores Randall. TRUST!
  • Jobs don’t last forever. The good old days of keeping a job forever is gone. REINVENT yourselfs. You might find your true calling in life.
  • No one owes you anything despite how much you volunteer or act like a good person. NOPE!
  • The world is a cold and vile place if you live long enough. You will realize you’re not the only suffering. Turn on the television…the media reports the worst and extenuating situation. Earthquakes, tornadoes, storms, hurricanes…when was the last time you saw one? STOP COMPLAINING.
  • Poverty and hunger is freaking real. So what if you eat Chili and rice for a week. Imagine not having anything to eat. That’s what I thought…..HA!
  • Most folks are bullshitters. Folks who are bullshitters you can smell, see and hear from a mile away. Whatever…..being real and raw is 21st century. Now those are the folks that command my attention. Regurgitate bullshit….enough already. NEXT!
  • My kids would get pissed no matter what I say. It doesn’t matter if you have kids because you will end up parenting someone else’s kids if you marry after 25 years old. I married my husband with two beautiful young boys..they mine and no one can tell me otherwise not even those two boys. Let something go down and see if they don’t call Mommy Dee….I need to say no more. They are mine and the universe better recognize it too….thank you Jesus. I needed them as much as they need me. YUP! Mine…..
  • Waiting to have kids late in life lessens your chance to have a kid or you may end up with a retarded child. This is a weird one for me. Case by case. Note children cost a lot of money. Screw what anyone says…kids ain’t cheap. I don’t care if you pick them up off the street, foster, step and birth. Children have needs and so do you. Think about this when you decide to have a moment of unplanned pregnancy.
  • Foster parents are a gift from God. I love my foster mommy and daddy. Thank you Jesus for my God sent parents. I don’t know where I would be with them. I lost my mother when she was 31 years old from Epilepsy…god bless her soul.
  • The world leaders could give a damn about anyone of us if we can’t pay for our products at the cash register. Know that….you can’t take an conversation, the number of followers you have on social media and your greatness to pay for anything at the cash register. Oh those celebrities that receive freebies….they paid an price for that freebie. TRUST & BELIEVE that shit!
  • Most folks outside of the United States think “black is beautiful” besides my own people.
  • I can choose my friends but not my family. This will be the case until your dying day.
  • Kids are a gift from God. They really are precious…..
  • The Police are liars and need to meet a quota. Until you had a police experience. Fall back…
  • The FBI, DEA, CIA SWAT, SEALS and US marshal’s may be the one to call if shit really got real. These are the tough guys I would want on my side if shit got really real. And you better hope they are listening and react. TRUTH!
  • I really should have enlisted in the military back in the day. Seriously….
  • The justice and criminal system is not fair to the working class folks….your dollars better be long if you get in trouble with the law. The wheels of justice turn very slow. Notice how the elite and celebrity is treated compared to the working case when getting charged with a crime? I need not say no more. Ass if out their on a limb swinging and hoping for the best. Surprise arrest are the fucking worst but asinine behavior get a eyebrow despite who you are…getting booked and jailed ain’t no fucking joke unless you on drugs. TRUST & BELIEVE…stay out of trouble.
  • Dogs really are man’s best friend. When I was growing up dogs were at the bottom of the totem pole. Nowadays let PETA tell it. Dogs Rule!
  • Cats are not that sneaky…they are just as scare of you as you are of them. Something about superstition. I love my cat.
  • Gay people don’t give a fuck about straight people. What the hell are folks doing up in anyone bedroom let alone a gay person. Side eye….
  • Don’t believe all the hype in the media. The media is a paid machine, connected and on some different ish. They hate independent bloggers and media. Hmmmmm…..
  • God is really good, graceful and each day I live is a gift. Enjoy your life because you really only get one life to live. Not one of us will know the hour, time, circumstance and situation about our last breath. One thing is for certain…every human being will die. Live your best life and live it one your own terms. Give your God some praise but don’t act like you know when it is time to go or your own demise. Our lives are already pre-ordained..no need in worrying about it though.
  • No one has ever came back from the dead and reported life was good on the other side. Not one…screw those television shows and books. In 1995 when I lost my baby brother, a college employee told me to read a book called “Life After Death.” I read it. But as I have gotten older…..no one knows shit about dying nor can they tell you shit. Just do you, live your best life, treat people well and keep it 100%.
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