STD Educational Powerpoint Presentation

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STD Powerpoint Presentation

This presentation was given to me about a year ago by a parent to show to my boys as they venture into exploring their sexuality. Her sons was already exploring their sexuality and she wanted to keep the information as real as she could. The STD  images are graphic and raw. It reminds me of the video I saw when I was in health education. This is a must watch for those parents finding it extremely difficult to discuss the effects of STD’s. It is especially useful for already sexually active individuals about what would happen to your sexual organs if exposed to an STD. It is extremely important to get your annual checkups by the free CDC clinics or your private physician. Every 3-6 months for you extremely active folks… never know what they might find if you have been going out in the rain without your raincoats. No one is immune from STD’s or the HIV virus.

America seems to be going through a second sexual revolution of sorts, with this foray into one of man’s most carnal acts proving to be more harmful than good.

A recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions showed that the spread of sexually transmitted diseases is steadily continuing to rise after an internal report showed that reported Chlamydia cases broke a CDC record last year.

2008 witnessed 1.2 million new Chlamydia cases, beating the old record of 1.1 million set in 2007, which made history as the most recorded instances for that particular disease in history.

Another STD, Syphilis, has also experienced a jump in numbers. Nearly eliminated 10 years ago, there was 13,500 newly recorded cases is 2008, an increase of 2,000 cases from statistics given just one year before that.

According to the study, both gay and heterosexual men were the most likely to contract either sickness.

In a similarly related study, the CDC also discovered that the most religious states were also the states with the highest birthrates.

Mississippi topped the list.

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